Everywhere you go, you hear people saying ”I make money by blogging or I sell my products on blogs or I get clients on blogs, etc”, right? Then you start asking; how can I create a blog and share my ideas online and make money online? If you have ever asked any of those questions, then this article is for you. Keep reading till the end.

My name is Abdulrazaq Yahaya and I am the founder of www.fastknowers.com. In this article, I will break down everything with you about blogging, how you can open your blog, how to become a successful blogger, and how you can make money from blogging. The guides that I am going to share with you today are useful to everyone in the community, whether you are a business person, student, or a hustler.

It is very important to note that blogs are different from websites but they work interchangeably. The good news is that you can open either one of them or both two of them. You may see our expert guide on the differences between a blog and a website.

I created this blog in July 2020 using a little programming language (Java, CSS, and HTML) that I learned and since then, I have been a website manager for different companies.

Beginners guide on how to create a blog

Do you want to become a blogger? If yes, then you have to sacrifice your time to learn my articles and e-books. Consuming my content will make you become a blogger and start making money from your blog. I have content in different formats such as articles and videos and books.

Blogging is the best platform that assures that everyone who does it must be paid accordingly, it is now in trend among young people. Perhaps, it is not news that blogging pays.

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Blogging has been paying and will of course continue to pay. If you are determined to become a blogger, then you are fortunate to be among the people who have read or come across this article.

Advantages of creating a blog

Opening a blog has many advantages and some of them are:

  1. You have the right to sell any product or service you may have
  2. An outbreak of a pandemic cannot prevent you from doing it
  3. You can talk to a limitless number of people
  4. Out yourself from others

As you have just known the advantages of opening a blog, now let’s start discussing with you how to open a blog step by step from beginner’s level to a professional or advanced level.

How to create a blog

Blogging is the process of writing articles in the form of journals on the internet in which the newly written ones appear on the top page date by date.

From the simplest definition of blogging given above, it can be deduced that to become a successful blogger, you must know how to write a compelling and pleasant article every day.

Can you be proud of yourself for being a good writer to continue to open a blog? If you can write very nicely and what people love to read, then you can achieve your success in blogging in no time. You may see our expert guide on how to become a blogger in Nigeria (step by step).

Now, how to open a blog?

Before you can successfully open a blog, here are a few things you should have or know:

  1. Have a good laptop and smartphone
  2. Ability to pick what you are interested in and can be able to write many things about
  3. Register your blog
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Add a theme or design your blog
  6. Post article regularly
  7. Ability to promote or share your blog
  8. Be able to write fluent language
  9. Money to support the cause running or future project of your blog
  10. Be patient while blogging

Top best web hosting registrars

Below are the top best web hosting registrars we can gladly recommend you to host a blog with.

Web hosting registrars are the companies that help you register your blog or website on a WordPress server thereby preventing you from writing a code purposely to register your blog.

In the olden days, blogs and websites could only be created by people who knew a lot of programming languages, but in this current time technology has completely invented all over the places, and everyone can open a blog as many as he/she wants at the comfort of his/her home.

However, there are some web hosting registrars that the services they offer aren’t beneficial to your blog. Thus, it’s very important to seek advice from the people who’ve been opening before you to help you choose the right registrar.

For us at www.fastknowers.com, our recommended web hosting registrar is Namecheap because with it you can register and transfer a new blog and for free of charge can also be able to transfer an existing blog from another web hosting registrar.
Now, the top best web hosting registrars in 2021 are:

  • Namecheap
  • Bluehost
  • Hostgator
  • Hostinger

If you want to get a domain extension for the URL of your blog, for example, .ng, .com.ng, .edu.ng, etc, then locate a Nigerian-based web hosting registrar like Garrantor or Whogohost.

After hosting your domain with them, you just simply have to install WordPress on your Cpanel and immediately start posting content. Another important thing to remember is to create a professional email address, for example, support.yourblogname.com.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via our comment box or contact form or simply contact the customer care service of your domain registrar.

Steps on how to create a blog

When you are about to start a blogging business, you need to open an account in the first place. Now, the following discussions will clarify anything from beginner’s level to advanced level on how to open a blog, how should a blogger live his/her life, and how a blogger can make money from his/her blog.

1. Have a good laptop and smartphone

For any business that you want to do online, a smartphone or laptop must be used. Without having your device which you can use to access the internet every time you want, you will be spending a lot if you consider using another person’s device.

You can use a very active smart Android phone to open and manage your blog and if something starts becoming better, upgrade to the laptop. An Android phone that has 2GB RAM and above is enough to start a blog.

We don’t wholeheartedly recommend you not to use a smartphone to open a blog I used a mobile phone to manage everything on my blog before but the disadvantage was that it can’t be used to do something very fast and comfortably.

The choice is yours now and hence if you have money, just buy your laptop once and for all. And if you don’t have money because of the domain and hosting package you are going to buy for your blog, you can continue managing your very own phone.

2. Pick what you are interested in

A blog is like a newspaper, as I always say, for this reason, thousands of persons are expected to be on your blog for newly updated content every day.

Meanwhile, creating a blog requires you to post what you have a lot of knowledge about
and which you can teach other people about and also know that people need it.

The ability to pick your niche when opening a blogging account is not something that any person who wants to become a blogger should consider, else success in blogging would be probably not experienced.

Do you want to be a successful blogger to make money online and have the fame of financial freedom or live the enjoyable life you want? If yes, then ask yourself now about what you know a lot about and can be able to teach other people about.

Please note that your first and main aim of opening a blog is to make people’s lives easy.

To be successful in blogging, don’t request or demand money at the early time, as a matter of fact, by helping people on your blog and making their lives easier for free of charge, people will themselves pay you money.

For example, if you know a lot about medical treatment, you can pick it as your niche and start posting different important articles about it for your readers. By so doing, to ensure that your blog earns you money, start selling your products (medicine) or buy them from another company that you know produces the best quality medicine and start selling to the people who come to your blog to read an article about your medical advice.

3. Register your blog

After you know what you will be regularly capable of teaching other people if you open an account of blogging, the next step is registering your blog. A blog can be registered online with some registration fees.

With Namecheap, you can open a blog for as low as $42 which can last for up to 36 months.

Registration of a blog requires two things; hosting registration and domain registration. One company, Namecheap, as earlier mentioned above can help you with both domain and hosting registration.

A domain is the name of your blog, for example, Fasknowers, the name of our blog, and the company which registered it with .com is our domain registrar while hosting is the internal server which your blog stands on, for example, the office where you carry out your business.

If you want to register your brand new blog, we are very pleased to advise you to buy both domain and hosting packages from one company. Why do we advise you to do that when you can buy it cheaply from different companies?

Buying a domain and hosting plans from different companies is a risk that can cause your blog to be down in the future.

If you want to register your blog, browse online yourself and pick the domain and hosting registrar company that is right for you, and make sure that they have a positive reputation.

4. Install WordPress

After you have successfully purchased your domain and hosting plan, then the company that registered your blog for you will send you a receipt via an email address you provided to them.

By carefully reading that receipt, you will find the login details of your Control Panel (CPanel) which you can use to log in to your CPanel dashboard and start managing the functions and activities of your blog.

Upon logging into your CPanel dashboard, you will find how to install WordPress for your blog by using Softaculous. In addition, if you want to create a professional email address, by logging in to your cpanel, you will see how to do it the right way.

It is after you install WordPress that you can be able to create an article and page or design your blog. In your cpanel, you have many files under your file manager. Some of the files that you can find in your file manager storage if you log in to your cpanel are robot.xml, root domain, etc.

Please don’t add or edit anyone if you don’t know what it is meant for. Do not share your cpanel and WordPress logging details with anyone except the developer who you hire
to help you do something on your blog.

To prevent your blog from hackers, that is why it is recommended that you have a professional email address and hence don’t use an email address you used to access your cpanel and WordPress dashboard as the means of contact for your fans, for example, for more information, please email me (then your email address here).

To make your fans contact you, simply create a contact page and contact form and direct them there any time you want them to contact

5. Add theme or design your blog

Installing WordPress from your cpanel by using the software called Softaculous will enable you to have full control of your blog.

If WordPress has been installed successfully as we have instructed above earlier, now
you can start to add a theme you like to your blog and start designing it.

If you are not a web designer that means you can’t have an attractive blog. You can hire a front-end web designer online from Fiveer to assist you in designing your blog better than you wish at an agreed and minimum service charge. You may visit my Fiveer handle and hire me for web design and development services.

Meanwhile, you can add a free theme to your blog and manage it till you have started to grow if you don’t have a lot of money to purchase a premium theme and hire a web designer to design some parts of your blog for you.

There are many free themes in the theme directory of WordPress. One thing about adding a theme is that each theme performs specific functions. For example, if your blog is about education, there is a specific theme for you and if it’s about selling a book, there are many themes for that as well.

Premium themes are the ones that you must purchase before you can use while the free theme is free of charge.

Now, you may ask; what is the difference between free and premium them? Or is a premium theme better than a free theme?

The free theme is good but the premium theme is better than it in terms of SEO, fast navigation, pleasant appearance (user interface), and lots more. In some cases, the footer of your blog may be tagged with the name of your theme and its developer(s) which can make you look unprofessional in the eyes of your fans.

Adding a premium theme to your blog will enable you to turn anything about the design and user interface of your blog, you can customize the footer, widget, header, in fact, everything about your blog how as you like without restriction.

Please note that some free themes are purely developed and can affect your blog directly or indirectly. Any time you are about to add a theme to your blog, please carefully
read the reviews and ratings of the people who had once added such themes to their blogs.

6. Post article regularly

Have you designed your blog? Does it look neat as how as you wanted? Now, it is time to start posting an article to show your business to the whole world.

Anytime you going to post an article on your blog, consider posting the one you are happy to rank for. Post articles regularly about your niche and share them with your friends on social media. You may check my guide on SEO for WordPress (ultimate for beginners).

According to the analysis of search engine ranking, a topic or what you always write about with a focus on your blog will be considered your niche and this is what you will be rewarded with.

For example, if you post tech articles always, then your blog will be ranking where other tech blogs rank on search engines. Assuming 70% of your articles are about entertainment, that means your blog has been automatically categorized as an entertainment blog.

Any type of article you want to write on your blog is accepted but to make a long-lasting trust with your audience, that is why you should write one type of article so that every time your audiences visit your blog, anything they see should be the one they like.

If you can’t write an article, you can hire content marketers who will gladly carry out article creation services for you at an agreed price. For example, you can bargain with a content marketer to write an article for your blog which you will pay for based on the length of the article created.

Are you a good writer and can be able to write an article on your blog yourself? If yes, then start creating little by little, you will eventually know how to write a wonderful and compelling article if you don’t quit blogging.

Try to have your followers on your social media accounts and alert them
anytime you have published a new article on your blog.

7. Ability to promote or share your blog

After you have successfully found a blog and started posting articles on it, now is the right time to promote your blog’s content to the people who matter to your business.

Promoting your blog means reaching out to the people who may want to buy your products or use your services.

The number of people that will be visiting your blog has a limit and sometimes most of them do not have the money to buy or patronage what you sell. Hence, sharing and promoting your blog through targeting in the information of advertising is very, very ideal.

Big companies that have loyal customers are doing advertising to reach new customers daily, now what about you that haven’t made any reputation, why are you about to neglect promoting and sharing your blog?

Please note that nothing about how to open a successful blog as I have been discussing in this article is negligible. Perhaps, as you have been reading, carefully apply all the guides I have shared with you as you’ll surely find them useful in the future.

Put a social media sharing button on your blog for people to be able to share your article with their friends on social media easily.

Displaying the sharing button on your blog seems to be a professional duty especially when you are a beginner. Showing social media sharing buttons (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc) like the ones on the blogs of other people should not be regarded as big things by you.

To make people’s lives easy, developers have developed different plugins just to make you display the sharing button on your blog. One of our favorite sharing button plugins is the Mash share WordPress plugin.

8. Be able to write fluent language

To become a successful blogger, you must be able to produce helpful fluent-language articles.

The secret behind writing good quality fluent articles is that it encourages your readers to spend a lot of time reading your articles.

Learn how to write an article in such a way that is engaging and encouraging. You may see our expert guide on how to improve your writing skills as a blogger.

The page views that you are experimenting with on your analytics account do not result from bolts but from human beings that engage your blog, hence, if you write jargon for them, your page views may go down and it can quickly lead to your lower ranking on search engines.

Have fun with your readers while you are writing an article on your blog. Do not write what that seems to be abusive or offensive and make sure you use your grammar and spelling very correctly.

In conclusion, a blog that lacks articles that haven’t got fluent and correct language usage should correct itself to retain people who need the information posted in your article.

Meanwhile, many people use Grammarly to improve and correct their sentence and grammatical errors while they are writing anything on their device, please consider visiting Grammarly’s website for more important information.

If you know that this article has helped you know how to open a blog, how to manage your blog, and how you can make money from blogging, then please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more important blogging-related articles from us in the future.

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