How To Register JAMB With NIN In 2021 (Newly Invented Approach)

JAMB must be registered with NIN in 2021. How to register JAMB with NIN in 2021

Are you a prospective applicant of JAMB and searching for how to register in 2021 with your NIN (national Identification number)? If you’ve ever asked or searched for that, then don’t worry again. I.e, we shall answer and show it to you step-by-step.

Since JAMB has been anticipating, it has never used the approach it’ll use to register applicants in 2021. So, as a result of that, I think it’ll would be helpful to you if I should share you or brief you small about how to register JAMB in 2021 with NIN.

JAMB tried to start registering applicants with NIN, but it’s failed and ignored to continue because of high population of applicants who were interested to register but has not got NIN.

In fact, some National ID card registrars (NIMC officers) turned registering national ID for JAMB applicants to their first choice of income. I.e, they charged and are still charging (in some places) very high.

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How To Register JAMB In 2021 With NIN (Step-By-Step)

JAMB will must only register applicants with national ID card and below are the procedures or how that this goes.

If you have never been enrolled for national ID card before, enroll now. It’s very fast to get your NIN in less than twenty-four (24) hours if you follow this article correctly.

Now, how to register JAMB in 2021 with National Identification Number, NIN:

Step 1. create JAMB profile:

Before you start JAMB journey, you must have your own profile in the JAMB’s portal where every information or detail about yourself will be saved in.

Note that if you don’t create JAMB profile, you will not be able to do anything about JAMB. JAMB profile is very, very easy to create and the good news is that it doesn’t require any payment.

To know how to create your JAMB profile for 2021 registration, please check this article.

As a beginner, I advise you to go to any commercial bank and pay into the account of JAMB.

After you’ve created your JAMB profile, ten (10) digit numbers will be sent to you which is known as your profile code.

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How To Fill JAMB Registration Form By Yourself

Step 2. make payment with your profile code:

After you’ve received your JAMB profile, then you’ll be needed to pay for your JAMB registration with that unique code you received.

Alternatively, you can use this article to know the other methods that you can pay your JAMB registration fee with mobile phone by yourself, if you can.

If you’ve paid into the bank account of JAMB with your profile code correctly via any payment option you liked or used, then another unique code will be sent to you once again which is your E-Pin.

Step 3. go to the JAMB registration centres for further journey with your Epin:

After you’ve successfully got your Epin through an SMS message from JAMB upon your successful registration payment, then you will now go to the registration centre (we call it JAMB CBT).

At JAMB registration centre, CBT (Computer Based Test), you’ll meet different prospective applicants. Communicate with any of them so that you should be enlightened more.

Adhere strictly to the CBT’s rules and orders. Make sure that you will not fight with any body.

If it’s come to your turn, you’ll be invited to come in.

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Price Of Novel And Registration Charges Of JAMB

Step 4. go in with supported documents:

At this time, remember to go in to the room where you were being invited with the following documents:

  • O’Level certificate
  • Your national ID card (NIN)
  • Your E-Pin and
  • Some money.

You will be asked for the type of applicant you want to register as (awaiting or non awaiting result).

If you haven’t got your O’Level result, then you’ll be registered as an awaiting result candidate.

Your national ID card will be scanned and uploaded. Your E-Pin is responsible to bear you witness that you’ve successfully paid.

The fee of the person who will register is N700, and the money for your novel is N500.

Conclusion of how to apply for UTME in 2021

Apart from the money you bought E-Pin earlier, you will not supposed to pay any additional money again but novel and the person who register you; N500 and N700, respectively.

Make sure you get out with the original slip of the documents you went in with earlier as no any person will mind anything you will say.

Now, the registration of JAMB in 2021 with national ID card has finished. What is remaining now is go to your house and start studying for your upcoming examination.

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