Ask your debtor for your money only, don't divorce with him/her

In today’s article, we shall show/teach you how to ask your debtor (the person that owes you) for giving or paying you back your money. And the good news is that he/she will not get angry and divorce with you upon.

Has your money been with somebody and he/she does not want to pay it off? If you are in debt and you don’t know how to please your creditor to be kind to you a little, then in this article, I will explain everything.

Do you wonder why some people buy something or lend money from you and at times they wouldn’t want to pay it at the agreed time, or you don’t know how to ask for your money from the person who owes you? In this post, we shall tell you how to do ask your debtor for your money.

Being in debt is not a good thing which people like, thus some people do not want their creditor to ask for his/her money especially in public. We knew you don’t like being in debt, then why do you not maintain staying off debt in order to stay free and without criticisms? In the system of owing, then lender is the creditor (giver) and the person who the lender lend an item to is debtor (collector).

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Now, how may you tell your debtor to give you the money you lent him/her or how to tell your creditor to be pleased with you as you will pay your debt later? We will explain them to you right now,because if you are not be careful in this process, something would go wrongly. The debtor can say that you have insulted him/her. He/she may say that it is until you report him/her to police that he/she will pay you your money.

How To Ask Your Debtor For Paying You Your Money

A debtor and creditor should not violate against paying the debt of borrowed item but they should settle themselves happily. If somebody is in debt to you, you should then know how ask for your money/item or, if you are in debt to somebody, you should be kind to him/her especially when he/she come to ask his/her money.

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You should not introduce violence between you and your debtor/creditor, because if you do between yourself honestly, the creditor would not mind lending his/her for you in the next time you need.

How To Ask your debtor for your money

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From the above table of content, you have known; we will talk so much things today and the good one is that you will know how to earn money from what you usually do daily in Nigeria. Keep reading it slowly in order to get it understandingly.

If you are in debt to somebody, it is you that is a debtor supposed to be kind at all the time to your creditor. Hence in this paragraph, we will show you how the creditor should ask kindly for his/her money from the person who owes him/her. If person owes you, you shouldn’t ask for your money when your debtor is in the group of people. If you don’t want the introduction of violence among you and persons, then follow these guides listed below before lending any persons your money.

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Let both of you write the date, time and the amount/type of item which he/she requested in a particular book and keep one with yourself and also recommendedly let the person you are about to lend him/her something keep one copy with him/herself. Do write the date and amount/type of item that he/she will give you back, you can also make him/her let one of his/her related persons be present (i.e, collateral) to witness the case and ask him/her to promise his/herself with what you will do him/her if he/she fail to pay you at the stipulated or agreed time.

That is, if he/she refuse to pay you your money after the agreed time, you can then report him/her to police for helping you collect your money. And if you have successfully collected your money, you should then make sure that you will not lend/sell him/her any things on credit henceforth.

How To Politely Ask Person (Your Debtor) To Give You Your Money

If you don’t want person to do you what you don’t like, then stop doing person with what you don’t like. Do you like person to borrow money from you and refuse to pay you back? If you don’t want, then pay what you borrowed from person timely or at the agreed date.


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When any persons you owe come to ask you for his/her money, please don’t answer him/her angrily but pleasantly on any things that he/she may tell you. Atimes, the creditor should not always ask you to give him/her money but it is you, the debtor should say “please, I remember you; I will pay or give you that thing later. And don’t be offended”. If you say what I have said above to your creditor, no matter how bad mind that he/she has, he/she will must consider your pleasing.

Or if the creditor come and ask you that “Hello Mr. Moses, I have come for the collection of my money”! Then you should reply “Please, go back to your house and I will meet you shortly for discussing with you, I am sorry”. If you don’t follow the guides which we showed you above when somebody owe you or when you owe somebody, then the violence among you and many persons would not be ended.

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What is best for you as a business man or woman is knowing how to talk pleasantly with peoples, because if you do not sell any things credit, your business would not progress. That is, you should be tolerant, competetent honest when dealing or doing things with many peoples.

Market place: the buyers and sellers.

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