Awaiting Result candidates and direct entry candidates at University of Ibadan Main Gate.

Best explained differences between awaiting result and direct entry (DE) candidates

In this post today, we will show you the explained differences between awaiting results candidates and direct entry candidates. And this article, you will know:

  1. The lay man understanding of awaiting result candidate and direct entry candidate
  2. How do awaiting result candidate and direct entry candidate work
  3. How to get admitted into your desired institution even though you are an awaiting result candidate or a direct entry candidate and
  4. Many more.

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Nigerian institutions (Schools) do not only admit the candidates who have written the WAEC/NECO and have gotten their results at hand but also the candidates who have never written any O’lovel examinations.

Thus, the National Universities Commission (NUC) has allowed all the institutions in the nation (Nigeria) to give admission to the serious and qualified candidate (student) only.

That is, writing JAMB is common, every Nigerian students can register and sit for jamb, but the admission is offered to a qualified and serious ones.

I don’t think you’ll wonder if I say that candidate can be admitted even though he/she is an awaiting result candidate or direct entry candidate, if you do, you shouldn’t. That is what we will explain in this article.

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Differences/Explanation Between/Of Direct Entry & Awaiting Result Candidates

Below are the best explanations of the differences between awaiting result candidate and direct entry candidates.

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Schools give 200 level to a direct entry candidate while the candidates with an awaiting result admit with 100 level.

The candidates with an awaiting mode have never studied in any institutions while those of direct entry have studied in one of the institutions before.

Direct entry candidates have done one Nigerian higher institutions like college of education (COE) which they had given an NCE result, they then proceed to register for JAMB to study in their desired Nigerian universiy to gain admission with 200 level.

While awaiting result candidates have never been sent to any Nigerian institutions. They may be in Senior Secondary School 3 or ss3 (form 6) and register for JAMB. If they score very well for admission’s consideration, they would ulpoad their WAEC/NECO results on JAMB portal.

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Direct entry candidates have a deeper understanding about higher institution than those of awaiting results candidates because, awaiting results candidates are a fresher students.

Admitted students in university with an awaiting result always found behaving stupidly than those that have admitted with direct entry basis.

I hope you have known the differences between awaiting result and direct entry result candidate?

Thank you for reading and have a great time.

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