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Heritage bank transfer code, *745# (how to activate and register)

Heritage bank transfer code, *745# (how to activate and register)

In this article, I am going to discuss with you all newly updated 2022 Heritage bank USSD codes and how to use them to perform any task you want such as Heritage bank transfer code, airtime or data recharge (top up) code, etc.

Heritage bank is a fully CBN licensed commercial bank headquartered at Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. It has over 200 branches across every state in Nigeria. When we talk about the quality of customer care service at Heritage bank, that is not an issue.

Want to do bank related service yourself like checking your account balance, transferring money from your account to another account or subscribing for your electricity or cable TV bill at the comfort of your home directly from your Heritage bank account? In this article, we have got you covered!

Before you can be allowed to check your Heritage bank account balance or use the service of Heritage bank USSD code, you must first activate it on your SIM card using your ATM card or without it. Note that the SIM card you will use to activate it must be the one you use to receive alert from Heritage bank.

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How to activate Heritage bank transfer code

The transfer code of Heritage bank reduces the stress of going to the branch of Heritage bank to make payment. For step by step guides on how to transfer money from your Heritage bank account to another bank, please follow the following instructions:

  • Dial *745*accountnumber*Last6digitsofcard#
  • Press ‘1’ to agree to the indemnification clause on your screen.
  • Now select your card type
  • Enter your card expiry date as it is printed on your card, choose the account to be used for transactions if you have more than one Heritage Bank account linked with your BVN
  • Then select your 4 digit PIN
  • Confirm your account number and on-boarding details you have supplied (that is; your PIN and account number)
  • Once done, click send
  • Success: you have activated Heritage bank transfer code or mobile banking service on your SIM card.

In the same vein, you can also activate Heritage bank transfer bank transfer code without using an ATM card details as described above. To do just that, please follow the simple steps below:

  • *745#
  • Selection option ‘1’
  • Enter your account number
  • Provide four digit PIN you will easily remember as transaction PIN
  • Once all of the above were done, then you have now activated Heritage transfer code service on your SIM card without using ATM card, hence, any time you dial *745#, you will be promptly directed to perform anything you may want.

In summary, for you that want to deeply know how to activate Heritage bank transfer code without your ATM card, please see the table below for direct USSD code to dial using your phone:

Feature(s)Direct String(s) or Code
With ATM Card*745*Account number*Last6DigitOfCard#
Without ATM Card*745*Account Number#

How to check Heritage bank account balance

To check your Heritage bank account balance using Heritage bank USSD code, simply insert your Heritage bank alert SIM card in mobile and dial *745*0#.

And for you to check your Heritage bank account number, dial *745# and follow the on-screen prompts.

Top best Heritage bank USSD codes and their function

Below are the top best Heritage bank USSD codes and their specific respective function.

Check account balance*745*0#
Transfer money to Heritage Bank account*745*1*amount*Beneficiaryaccountnumber#
Transfer Funds to other bank*745*2*amount*Beneficiaryaccountnumber#
Buy airtime for yourself*745*amount#
Buy airtime for another person (third party)*745*amount*mobilenumber#
Change your secret PIN*745*00#
Bet9ja Top-up*745*222*Bet9jaUserID*Amount#
Pay with USSD (on POS & Web)*745*000*RefCode#
LCC Payment*745*000*522+etagNo+100#
Block Account from any phone*745*11#

Heritage bank mobile banking code

By successfully activating for Heritage bank USSD code on your SIM card, you can carry out mobile banking service at the comfort of every where you are.

Heritage bank USSD code for checking account balance and how to transfer money from Heritage bank to other bank were discussed below:

  • How to transfer money from Heritage bank to other bank: (simply dial *745*2*Amount*Account Number# via your Heritage bank alert SIM card and follow the prompts)
  • Heritage bank USSD code for checking account balance: (dial *745*0# via your Heritage bank alert SIM card.

How to transfer money using Heritage mobile banking code

The official USSD code of Heritage bank is *745#. Sometimes, it is also known as Heritage mobile banking code because its feature of being mainly available for mobile users.

Hence, you can use Heritage bank mobile banking code which is *745# to check your account balance, transfer money to Heritage bank or other bank, pay for utility bill and cable TV subscription, pay for church’s services everywhere you are using your mobile phone.

To pay for billing (cable TV or electricity), dial *322*030*BILLER ID *AMOUNT#.

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How to pay to Church using Heritage bank mobile banking code

In the same way, as Heritage bank account users can transfer money from their account to the account of their Church as donation, offering, sacrifice, testimony etc.

Presently, the supported Churches that have a unique USSD code string to be used by people to transfer money from their Heritage bank to their account directly are RCCG and Living Faith Church Internation.

A. RCCG code
Feature(s)Direct String(s)
RCCG Offering*745*000*226+AMOUNT#
B. Living Faith Church International code
Feature(s)Direct String(s)
Shiloh Sacrifice*745*000*542+AMOUNT#

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