How to unlink NIN number on Airtel (2022 guide)

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How to unlink NIN number on Airtel (2022 guide)

Due to some reasons, you may find it compulsory to unlink your NIN from a particular SIM card. If you are searching for how to unlink NIN number from your Airtel SIM card, then continue reading this article as that is the topic we will discuss today.

The Nigerian minister of communication ordered that all SIM cards owned by all internet service providers (networks) in the country (Nigeria) must be linked with national identification number, else, they will be disconnected.

You can use your own NIN to link your family member’s SIM card or your friend’s SIM card. Now, in the event that the person you linked your NIN with his/her SIM card is now doing online fraud (yahoo yahoo), how should you do? Go on to unlink your NIN? Let’s explain that with you!

By linking your NIN with the SIM card, your details including your address, parents’ address, etc. are visible to your network provider. Hence, when that particular SIM card is use to commit fraud, they would easily traced the owner of the SIM card via the linked NIN.

If you want to remove NIN from SIM card, then here we have got you covered. Read this article one by one to know how to unlink NIN number on your Airtel line.

Now, let’s start.

How to unlink NIN from Airtel SIM card


Airtel has not created a string code for unlinking NIN from your SIM card. Though, the only method that you can use to unlink NIN on your Airtel line is simply contacting Airtel customer care service via 121 or 111.

To contact Airtel customer care to unlink NIN from a particular SIM card, make sure the NIN belongs to you and can prove why it belongs to you. First of all, you must let the customer care representative know your NIN in full format.

For more information on how to unlink NIN from your Airtel SIM card, please follow the steps below:

  1. Dial 121 via your Airtel SIM to contact your customer care.
  2. When an agent receive your call, he/she may ask about your name and location you are contacting him/her from.
  3. Let him/her know your name and location.
  4. Now, tell him/her the type of assistance you need, example, ”I want you to unlink NIN from the SIM card, please”
  5. He/she may ask you why you want to do that so.
  6. Tell him/her the reason.
  7. The next step now is for he/she to decide weather he/she should unlink it or ask you further questions.
  8. He/she can ask you further questions like ”the last time you loaded recharge card to your line, how much did you load, your phone number, name, state, local government, etc.”
  9. Make sure you will be able to answer all questions correctly.
  10. Finally, after the end of the call, a text message will be sent to you notifying you that your NIN has successfully been unlinked.

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How to link another NIN on Airtel

  1. Dial *121# on the Airtel line you wish to link.
  2. Type 1 for “NIN Capture” and send.
  3. Enter your 11-digit NIN and send.


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