How to add an addon domain to web hosting

Do you want to know how to add an add-on domain name to your WordPress web hosting

An addon domain, as its name implies is a domain name that you can add to your web hosting account for free.

Most web hosting companies offer at least three addon domains for their customers. One popular example of such a company is FastComet.

FastComet addon domain service allows you to have multiple domains configured on a single hosting account with different root directories.

How to add an add-on domain to your WordPress web hosting

How to add an addon domain name to your web hosting

To add an addon domain, you must have access to your web hosting Cpanel. You may need to see our expert guide on how to install WordPress from a cPanel.

Once you have logged into your CPanel, you would see an “Addon Domains” button.

How to add addon domain on WordPress Cpanel

Next, enter the domain name you would like to use as an add-on. After that, if the domain is available, the subdomain, and document root will be auto-filled for you.

How to add an addon domain on WordPress web hosting

After entering everything in order, click the Add Domain button.

Note that you must have bought a domain name from any company of your choice or from the company you bought your web hosting.

You may read our expert guide on how to buy a WordPress domain name.

Note that before you can add an addon domain to your web hosting, you would need to connect your domain DNS nameserver to your web hosting account’s Nameservers.

You may read our step-by-step guides on how to connect a domain nameserver to your web hosting here.

When an addon domain name is created, a subdomain will be automatically created because an addon domain is a parked domain on that subdomain for the Apache VirtualHost, which is an essential part of your hosting account.

Frequently asked questions

We have been helping people buy a domain and set up an addon domain for their website for years. Here are the most frequent questions and answers we've experienced.

Every hosting plan offered by the best WordPress hosting can host more than one domain name and email account at a time without having to purchase a new hosting plan. This is called an addon domain name.

A Subdomain is an extension of your main domain. For example, if your is, then you can create a subdomain for it like While an Addon Domain is a separate domain with its own unique Domain Name.

To add an addon to your web hosting, login to your cPanel and click the domain name. Enter the domain name you would like to add and click the “Add Domain” button.

You can have access to your addon domain via the public_html/, File Manager, or FTP.
  1. Simply log into your cPanel account.
  2. Click the Addon Domains icon.
  3. Click the link under Document Root to be taken to the correct folder in File Manager.


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