Nigerian political parties and their chairman (2022)

Nigerian political parties and their chairman

The Nigerian political parties are a collective entities that organize competitions for political offices. The members of a political party contest elections under a shared label. Today, we will show with you Nigerian political parties and their chairman.

Presently, we have got more than 90 political parties in Nigeria which any political candidate can choose to be voted for during an election. The current Nigerian executive president, Muhammaduu Buhari is an APC political party member.

Please continue reading to know all Nigerian political parties that have been formed since the Nigerian independence till date (1960 to 2022) and their chairman.

18 registered political parties in Nigeria (2022)

The name and acronym of all 18 registered political parties in Nigeria in 2022 are shown in tabular form below:

#Party NameParty Acronym
1Labour PartyLP
2National Rescue MovementNRM
3New Nigeria Peoples PartyNNPP
4Peoples Democratic PartyPDP
5Peoples Redemption PartyPRP
6Social Democratic PartySDP
7Young Progressive PartyYPP
8Zenith Labour PartyZLP
10Action AllianceAA
11Action Democratic PartyADP
12Action Peoples PartyAPP
13African Action CongressAAC
14African Democratic CongressADC
15All Progressives CongressAPC
16All Progressives Grand AllianceAPGA
17Allied Peoples MovementAPM
18Boot PartyBP

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List of all political parties in Nigeria and their chairman

The list of all registered political parties in Nigeria in 2022 and their chairman are discussed below:

Party NameParty Chairman
Labour PartyAlh. Abdukadir Abdulsalam (Baraden Paiko)
National Rescue MovementSen. Saidu Muhammed Dansadau
New Nigeria Peoples Party Dr. B.O Aniebonam
Peoples Democratic PartyIyorchia Ayu
Peoples Redemption PartyAlhaji Falalu Bello
Social Democratic PartyDr. Olu Agunloye
Young Progressive PartyComrade Bishop Amakiri
Zenith Labour PartyChief. Dan Nwanyanwu
AccordHon. Mohammad Lawal Nalado
Action Democratic PartyEngr. Yabayi V. Sani
Action Peoples PartyUchenna Nnadi
African Action CongressSowore Omoyele
African Democratic CongressChief Ralph Okey Nwosu
All Progressives CongressMai Mala Buni
All Progressives Grand AllianceDr. Victor Ikechukwu Oye
Allied Peoples MovementYusuf Mamman Dantalle

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List of all Nigerian political parties since independence

The list of all Nigerian political parties which were formed after the Nigerian gain an independence (1960) till this year, 2022 are as follows:

  1. Aboki Wawa Arewa Movement (AWAM)
  2. Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP)
  3. Action Peoples Party (APP)
  4. Advanced Congress of Democrats (ACD)
  5. Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA)
  6. African Action Congress (AAC)
  7. African Democratic Congress (ADC)
  8. African Renaissance Party [ARP]
  9. All Blended Party (ABP)
  10. All Democratic Peoples Movement (ADPM)
  11. All People’s Party (APP)
  12. Alliance for Democracy (AD)
  13. Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN)
  14. Because Of Our Tomorrow [BOOT Party]
  15. Conscience People’s Congress [CPC]
  16. Communist Party of Nigeria (CPN)
  17. Citizens Popular Party (CPP)
  18. Democratic Alternative (DA)
  19. Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM)
  20. Grassroot Patriotic Party (GPP)
  21. Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP)
  22. KOWA Party (KP)
  23. Masses Movement of Nigeria (MMN)
  24. Mega People Political Party
  25. Movement of the People Party (MOP)
  26. National Democratic Party (NDP)
  27. National Rescue Movement (NRM)
  28. National Interest Party (NIP)
  29. New Democrats (ND)
  30. New Generations Party of Nigeria (NGP)
  31. New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP)
  32. Nigeria For Democracy (NFD)
  33. Nigeria Poor People Party (NPPP)
  34. People Progressive Party (PPP)
  35. People’s Salvation Party (PSP)
  36. Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA)
  37. Restoration Party of Nigeria (RP)
  38. Social Democratic Mega Party (SDMP)
  39. Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN)
  40. United Nigeria People’s Party (UNPP)
  41. United Progressive Party (UPP)
  42. Young Democratic Party (YDP)
  43. Youth Party (YP)
  44. Zenith Labour Party (ZLP)
  45. National Democratic Coalition (NADECO)
  46. Committee for National Consensus (CNC)
  47. Democratic Party of Nigeria (DPN)
  48. Grassroots Democratic Movement (GDM)
  49. National Centre Party of Nigeria (NCPN)
  50. United Nigeria Congress Party (UNCP)
  51. Justice Party (JP)
  52. National Republican Convention (NRC)
  53. Social Democratic Party (SDP)
  54. Greater Nigerian People’s Party (GNPP)
  55. National Party of Nigeria (NPN)
  56. Nigeria Advance Party (NAP)
  57. Nigerian People’s Party (NPP)
  58. People’s Redemption Party (PRP)
  59. Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN)
  60. Movement of the People Party (MPP)
  61. Action Group (AG)
  62. Borno Youth Movement (BYM)
  63. Convention People’s Party of Nigeria and the Cameroons
  64. Democratic Party of Nigeria and Cameroon (DPNC)
  65. Dynamic Party (DP)
  66. Igala Union (IU)
  67. Igbira Tribal Union (ITU)
  68. Kano People’s Party (KPP)
  69. Lagos State United Front (LSUF)
  70. Mabolaje Grand Alliance (MGA)
  71. Midwest Democratic Front (MDF)
  72. National Independence Party (NIP)
  73. National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons/National Council of Nigerian Citizens (NCNC)
  74. Niger Delta Congress (NDC)
  75. Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP)
  76. Northern Elements Progressive Union (NEPU)
  77. Northern People’s Congress (NPC)
  78. Northern Progressive Front (NPF)
  79. Republican Party (RP)
  80. United Middle Belt Congress (UMBC)
  81. United National Independence Party (UNIP)
  82. Zamfara Commoners Party (ZCP).


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