NUC Divided Mass Communication Course Into 7 Degree Programmes

Have you been hearing that Mass communication has been cancelled by Nigerian Universities Commission? 

If you heard anything like that, then that is not true because mass communication has not been cancelled by any body or NUC. But today, we shall let you know what NUC did to mass communication.

Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) had on January 2020 just only unbundled (devided) mass communication department into seven different degree programs but not cancelled.

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After you have read this post to its end, you will not only need to know which department did your friend admit into but also the course that he/she reads.

That is to say, if your friend say he/she was admitted into mass communication department, you should ask him/her which course does he/she read.

Before, mass communication department was a single course but now (from January 2020), NUC had said “no”, it unbundled it into seven degree courses (programmes). 

Do you want to know all the unbundled mass communication department’s course? Then read on shortly as we will show it for you right there!

What Are The 7 Unbundled Courses From Mass Communication By NUC

It is no longer a new thing to hear that mass communication department has been devided into seven (7) courses. 

All of those courses are a son of Mass Communication department because it is mass communication a bundle which NUC used to create them from.

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Like father like son, right? Then like all those seven courses unbundled from mass communication like their source. 

That is, they must inherit the character of mass communication which is their father.

Below are the list of seven courses unbundled from mass communication by NUC on January 2020:

  1. Journalism and Media Studies
  2. Public Relations
  3. Advitising
  4. Broadcasting
  5. Film and Multi-Media Studies
  6. Development Communication Studies and Information
  7. Media Studies.

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NUC however wants every university in Nigeria that offers Mass Communication department to introduce either some or all those unbundled seven courses in their school. Some Nigerian universities have started obeying it while others haven’t.

One of the Nigerian universities that has introduced four courses from mass communication in their school programmes so far is Kwara State University, KWASU. Click here to read more about it.

Now, which one did/are you study/studying? Let me know your answer and how you may feel in the comments section.

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