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Top cheapest universities in the UK for Masters & PGD program (2022)

Top cheapest universities in UK for Masters and PGD program

Are you desiring to become a master’s degree student in one of the best UK universities? This article is going to discuss with you the top cheapest universities in the UK for Masters and PGD programs in 2022.

We will also in this article show you the top best cheapest universities in the UK with low tuition fees, their address, how to apply for admission as an international student, and the courses they offer in their master’s and PGD programs.

Low-cost universities in the UK for MBA and PGD

A master’s degree, also known as a master’s of business administration (MBA) is a degree certificate obtained after the student has obtained a degree in the university. PGD, on the other hand, stands for postgraduate diploma and it is a certificate that some certificate holders must have obtained before going for a Master’s program.

A Master’s Degree and a Postgraduate Diploma are on the same academic level but PGD is a more extended qualification. When studying full-time, a Master’s degree takes one year to complete.

Being one of the biggest countries in the world, the UK ministry of education has been accepting international students globally to come to their country for doing their master’s and PGD program.

While deciding to study in the UK for your master’s or PGD, it may be helpful for you to know the cheapest one which you should choose to register for its admission application.

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Top cheapest universities in the UK and their tuition fee

Top cheapest universities in the UK and their tuition fees

Now, here are the list and explanation of the top ten cheapest universities in the UK for master’s degrees and PGD:

#1. Queen Margaret University

Tuition fee: £5, 500

Queen Margaret University is a public university located in Scotland, UK offering inexpensive master’s degrees and postgraduate courses for those working across the arts, health, and political spectrums. Budding entrepreneurs can also make use of practical business support and mentoring via the university’s Business Innovation Zone (BIZ).

#2. Edge Hill University

Tuition fee: £5,580

If you want to face the positive challenge and become positively developed educationally, then study for postgraduate courses at Edge Hill University. It will help you to excel in your future career.

With as low a tuition fee of £5,580, students can study for master’s programs such as Big Data Analytics, Conservation Management, Film and Media, Sport, Physical Activity, and Mental Health, among others.

#3. De Montfort University

Tuition fee: £5,725

The De Montfort University is another cheapest university in the UK in which you can study for an MA in Education Practice or Youth and Community Development Studies. This university is located in the heart of bustling Leicester, the recently updated campus that offers modern study facilities.

#4. Teesside University

Tuition fee: £5,900

Teesside University is another cheapest public university located at Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire in North East England.

If you want to gain admission into this university, the suggested English language proficiency level (entrance exam) is IELTS 5.0 or equivalent in an alternative English language test.

#5. Wrexham Glyndŵr University

Tuition fee: £5,940

Do you want to further your studies in a cheap way at a UK university? Wrexham Glyndŵr University seems to be your choice.

The Wrexham Glyndŵr University is one of the cheapest universities in the UK for masters and PGD programs offering courses such as an MA Education (Leadership) or MSc Engineering (Aeronautical) for just £5,940.

#6. University of Derby

Tuition fee: £6,000

The University of Derby has an award-winning commitment to social mobility and a focus on applied learning. Perhaps this is why its master’s degree in Education is at the reasonable cost of £6,000, setting students on the pathway to becoming the educational leaders of the future.

Some course pathways at the University of Derby include Early Years, Leadership and Management, Lifelong Learning, and more.

#7. University of Bolton

Tuition fee: £5,400

The University of Bolton is another one of the cheapest universities in the UK for masters and PGD programs. The postgraduate students in this university benefit from small class sizes and the dedicated support of a personal tutor.

Being one of the cheapest universities in the UK, with a minimum of £5,400, you can study an MSc in International Management to build cross-cultural management skills, or LLM Law – both useful to HR professionals looking to expand their roles.

#8. Liverpool Hope University

 Tuition fee: £5,200

Liverpool Hope University is another top UK cheapest university that teaches a variety of exciting master’s degrees and postgraduate courses.

Many master’s degree courses at Liverpool Hope University have a price tag of £5,200, including Education, Performance, Disability Studies, History, and more.

#9. University of the Highlands and Islands

 Tuition fee: £5,000

If you are searching for the list of top cheapest universities in the UK for PGD and master’s degree programs, then the University of the Highlands and Islands is one.

It is a very affordable university located in Scotland, UK for postgraduate study. It is made up of 13 colleges and research centers, and over 70 local learning centers offering many online and part-time course options in order to fit your studies around other commitments.

#10. Leeds Trinity University

Tuition fee: £4,000

Leeds Trinity University is one of the top cheapest universities in the UK and focuses on the employability of its students. Graduates from the university have become published authors, award-winning journalists, and pioneers in their research fields.

You can gain admission into Leeds Trinity University with an MA in Creative Writing for just a tuition fee of £4,000.

Please note that before a student is granted to study in any educational program in the UK, there are some examinations and tests which he/she must write and pass in it, for example, CAT.


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