Price of Dollar to Naira at an exchange rate in Aboki market

Do you have a US Dollar and want to exchange it with Nigerian Naira? Or do you want to buy US Dollar with your Nigerian Naira here in Nigeria? If yes, then you must ask this question: what is the current price of Dollar to Naira in Nigeria.

In this article, we will discuss with you the price of Dollar to Naira in this current time, how to buy Dollar with Nigerian Naira, how to exchange Naira with US Dollar, how to locate Aboki (currency exchanger) to buy or sell Dollar and lots more.

Dollar is a foreign currency which can be used globally to buy goods and services. In Nigeria here, many people like using Dollar to spend more than their own money, Naira.

Hence, people are now asking “what is the current price of Dollars to Naira” in order to maintain smooth and honest transaction.

For example, if I want to pay you with dollars, then I will give you $2 after knowing that the price of Dollar to Naira is N500.

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Dollar is an international currency, originally used in USA, hence, it may go up and come down in other countries, i.e, Nigeria.

Dollar is the name of more than 20 currencies. Many countries use Dollar for the purchase of goods and services and they include:

  • Australian Dollar
  • Brunei Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • Jamaican Dollar
  • Liberian Dollar
  • Namibian Dollar
  • New Taiwan Dollar
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Singapore Dollar
  • United States Dollar and
  • several other countries.

The symbol of Dollar currencies in most of the countries listed above is the Dollar sign which is $.

How much is Dollar to Naira today in Nigeria in black market

As at September 2021, the price of one Dollars was five hundred Naira, now, since it goes up and comes down, what is its price for now or how could you know the current price of Dollar to Naira in Nigeria?

Please continue reading this post as am going to show with you how to determine the current price of Dollars to Naira in Nigeria step by step.

Current price of Aboki exchange rate in Nigeria today

The table below shows exchange rate or price of Dollar to Naira today:

S/NUS DollarNigerian Naira
110, 000 USD 4110151.8074 NGN
25, 000 USD 2055075.9037 NGN
32500 USD 1027537.9519 NGN
41000 USD 411015.1807 NGN
5500 USD 205507.5904 NGN
6100 USD 41101.5181 NGN
750 USD 20550.759 NGN
825 USD 10275.3795 NGN
920 USD 8220.3036 NGN
1015 USD 6165.2277 NGN
1110 USD 4110.1518 NGN
125 USD 2055.0759 NGN
132 USD 822.0304 NGN
141 USD 411.0152 NGN

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100 Dollars to Naira in black market today

CBN exchange rate Dollar to naira black market

The following table has shown the price of 500, 1000, 200, 200, 100 Dollars, etc in black market (Aboki exchanger) in Naira in Nigeria as of today.

S/NNigerian Naira (NGN)US Dollar (USD)
11 NGN0.0024 USD
22 NGN0.0049 USD
35 NGN0.0122 USD
410 NGN0.0243 USD
515 NGN0.0365 USD
620 NGN0.0487 USD
725 NGN0.0608 USD
850 NGN0.1217 USD
9100 NGN0.2433 USD
10500 NGN1.2165 USD
111000 NGN2.433 USD
122500 NGN6.0825 USD
135000 NGN12.165 USD
1410000 NGN24.33 USD

How to know the price of Dollar to Naira very fast

The price of US Dollar to Naira is not stable in Nigeria, hence, the price of Dollar to Naira as shared above may come down or go up at anytime without anybody’s notice.

As a result of that, how can you know the price of Dollar to Naira when the situation changes?

We advise you to come and visit this post anytime you have to know the updated price of Dollar to Naira as we will update immediately anytime the price goes up or comes down or visit any of the recommended websites below:


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