Different types of examinations that WAEC conducts in every year

Are you confused about how many types of examinations that WAEC does really conduct in a year? WAEC does conduct different types of examinations due to the following reasons.

The West African Examination Council, WAEC conducts three (3) different types of examinations in a year in order to let those who intended to register register at any time they can afford.

It’s not every person’s fingers is the same, thus, it’s not every intended candidate of WAEC can make the registration.

Do you you want to know how many times that WAEC conducts an examination in a year? Continue reading if your answer is yes.

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These examinations that are conducted by WAEC in any year is very, very ideal because the registration fee is some time difficult for some people to get.

In this article today, we’ll show you three (3) types of examinations that WAEC conducts yearly, the month that their registration form always out and lots more.

Three (3) Different Types Of Examinations That WAEC Conducts In Every Year

The West African Examination Council, WAEC conducts three (3) types of examinations yearly and below is the more reading about them:

  • WAEC for private candidates (first series)
  • May/June WAEC for school candidate
  • WAEC for private candidates (second series)

1. WAEC has a type of examination which it conducts once in a year and it’s called WAEC for private candidates (firt series).

This type of examination is always conduct in every January to February of every year.

It’s conducted this year and the results of its candidates have been released.

Now, WAEC will conduct first series examination between January to February of 2021 while the registration is ongoing.

2. WAEC for school candidates is the type of examination that is conducted by WAEC in May to June of every year.

This type of examination is the one which most people like to register and sit for.

If you had not got money to register for WAEC first series (WAEC for private Candidates, January to February), that doesn’t mean that you will can never write WAEC in that year.

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As a matter of fact, you can still register WAEC for school Candidates around March to April and sit for your examination between May to June.

WAEC for private Candidates (second series)

3. WAEC for private candidates, or WAEC second series is the type of examination conducted in every year.

It’s conducted yearly in order to enable candidates who didn’t get money in the previous registration (January to February and May to June) register in August to September.

If candidates register and sit for this type of WAEC examination, his/her result will be out around December to January.

Conclusion on how many types of examinations does WAEC conduct every year and more reading

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