How to learn how to speak good English in Nigeria (step by step guide)

Do you want to learn how to speak a good English in order to start speaking career in Nigeria? Or do you just want to learn English language for examination or communication purpose? No matter your aim and reason why you want to learn English, we have got you covered in this article. Being a general language to be spoken in West Africa like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, etc., speakers should learn the rules in speaking good English.

There are rules guiding the correct speaking of English language. If care is not taking while speaking English language, you might have misspoken, hence, that could lead you you scoring failure if it’s in an interview. Today, I will discuss with you how to learn how to speak correct English here in Nigeria for an exam, job interview, promoting your business via communication, etc.

Remember, speech is the next thing people want to hear from you after seeing the way you appear. Some people only refer someone by the way he/she looks, some people only use someone’s speech to classify him/her to a group while most people use both speech and appearance to make their classification. Hence, learning how to speak fluently is a neccesity especially in this our time. For now, certificate can’t guarantee some one a job person but one can do and say. Fluent English speaking can give one job, no doubt.

Now, if you want to learn how to speak good and fluent in Nigeria eve at the comfort of your home or finding the school of English around your location or in every state in Nigeria at large, here we have explained them one by one. If you are interested to know how to learn how to speak good English in Nigeria, then let’s start now.

How to learn how to speak fluent English in Nigeria

  1. Watch English movies.
  2. Listen to radio presentation and broadcast.
  3. Regularly make use of dictionary.
  4. Speak English with other expert speakers.
  5. Set a realistic goals.
  6. Write post in English.
  7. Do not memorize new word.
  8. Attend school of language.
  9. Don’t speak with language misusers.
  10. Listen to people when they speak.
  11. Learn with a different.
  12. Attend a club where English is the main speaking language.

1. Watch English movies

If you want to learn and master how to speak fluent English in Nigeria at the comfort of your home, you can use free resources online and learn yourself. Or you can use your DVD and TV to learn if you can afford to hardcopy (CDs). Dedicate three consecutive months to watch English movie only. Doing so will make you become an overnight expert English language.

Have a laptop or phone and searching the website where you can watch English videos for your learning? Just simply open your web browser and visit any of the,,, and watch any English video of your choice posted by an expert English speaker anytime, any day. Videos are arranged into two types, paid and free. If you have money, going for paid plan will make learn how to speak good English fluently very fast.

You can also opt in to watch television movie in English more than the way you did before especially when you return from work or business shop.

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2. Listen to radio presentation and broadcast

For you to know how to learn and speak good English, you must have your own personal radio and regularly keep listening to English presentation and broadcast. Radio presenters and broadcasters are well trained in English before they were being employed by their employee, radio station’s CEO, hence, listening to how they present speech and broadcast every time will make you speak like them.

In Nigeria, I recommend you to tune in to 96.1 FM on your radio every morning for news, presentation, commentary, discussion (political views) in English delivered by an expert English speakers. If you don’t have chance in the morning as a result of attending office or business premise, you can still listen to them in the evening. Their slogan name is Sunrise FM or Radio Nigeria.

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3. Regularly make use of dictionary

A dictionary is one of the most important tools during your time learning how to speak good English. Dictionary can help you understand any word in English better, improve your communication skills.

Don’t use dictionary the way you use other books, else it may result in making you forget everything you learn. The main use of dictionary is to find out the meaning, etymology, pronunciation and examples of a word. Thank to software engineers, they have built a dictionary software in mobile and desktop application comprising all words in English. If you are using mobile device, then visit your device store (IOS or Google play store), search for a key term ”dictionary” and download any dictionary of your choice.

Getting English dictionary installed on your device, you can check the meaning of every strange word everywhere. For example, if someone speak English using strange word in your presence, don’t ask him/her the meaning of the word but just simply open your dictionary app to find out yourself. Doing this way, will make you learn how to speak good in English in future.

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4. Speak English with other expert speakers

If you learn English and also want to quickly become an expert, don’t speak with or among the people who don’t know how to speak. Speaking English among illiterate will not add positive value to your study but what it can only give you is respect and pride.

To learn how to speak good English in Nigeria and any other country in the world, one of the best factors to consider is knowing expert speakers who you know they are better than you in speaking, mingle with them and take part in their discussion so that you would be corrected immediately you use wrong sentence or words.

It is as a result of not speaking English with an expert/professional English language speaker that brings misspeaking of it by some speakers in the society nowadays. Don’t scare to speak English with the speaker who speaks more than you because practice brings expertise.

5. Set a realistic goals

Another way to learn how to speak good English is setting a realistic goals, for example, this week, I will learn how to speak in public addressing people or present a speech about some topics to people such as in a meeting, club, etc.

You can also set a goal for a week that you must know some areas in English language that has been confusing you. In goal setting, we have two types of them; short goal and long goal. A short goal is one you can hunt for today yourself and get its solution within few days, i.e, a week, two weeks, etc. while a long goal on the other hand requires you to dedicate your full time in learning, researching, meeting other people to guide you through, etc. If intention of become a good English language speaker is in you, then set a goal that lead you through out your success in achieving your aim.

In any goal setting, you must have positive intention in the first place but as time goes on, you may get discouraged and loss what you might have won. Make sure you set a goals to learn different things in English and make sure they will all become reality.

6. Write post in English

Another way to learn how to speak good English is by writing post in English regularly. You can request the owner of some English language oriented teaching websites such as to enable write a quest post for their audiences.

You can even open a free blog and start publishing posts on it regularly and encourage people to visit there and read, if they like and share them with their friends and getting engagement, then that shows that you are now becoming a good English writer and speaker.

Note: do not be a good writer and not a speaker. In fact, try to be two of them. It worth it. Because it is not every interview requires writing.

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7. Do not memorize new word

Some new students who want to learn how to speak good English in Nigeria very fast just carry a dictionary and be studying the words in it one by one. I am not saying it is not good but it is not a recommended reading habit.

If you want to learn how to speak fluent and good English in Nigeria, first of all, get dictionary either in your phone or hardcopy one. And don’t use it unless you have a word which you want to know more things about such as their etymology, pronunciation, uses, etc.

Dictionary is known as a book for reference purpose, hence, it should be used occasionally when the need arises.

8. Attend school of language

To make you become very hugely sound in English language speaking and writing, you may attend school of English for more understanding, proper coaching,, mentorship, etc.

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9. Don’t speak with language misusers

It is not a news that many students in Nigeria don’t know how to speak good English. To count yourself from among them, do speak it with the right expert speakers. Speaking English regularly with the person who doesn’t understand English will never make you know how to speak good English.

10. Listen to people when they speak

Another way to lean how to speak good English is listening to other people when they are speaking.

Anytime people are speaking English, don’t interrupt them, listen to them, repeat in silent the new work they used in their sentence, acknowledge what they have talked about and go back to find out the meaning and etymology of every word they used in their sentence using the dictionary in your phone or hardcopy dictionary.

 English is not what someone can completely understand in a day, the best way to learn how to speak good English in Nigeria and any other country in the world is practicing it yourself or with others in every ramification. In conclusion, try to learn the recommended pronunciation and meaning of a word in English every day.

11. Learn with a different

Nowadays, there are different websites online where you can visit and learn English at the comfort of your home using computer or phone. Do not depend on classroom tutorial only. What the lecturer/teacher teaches you in classroom is not enough to make you become a good speaker of English the way you want.

You can learn how to speak good English with a different. Find one expert English speaker around your neighbor and request him/her basic things involved in becoming a good English speaker. Hence, if there are other ways he use to learn English, he/she, will then share them with you.

Websites for learning how to speak good English
  • FluentU |
  • Babbel |
  • Mosalingua |
  • Duolingo |

12. Attend a club where English is the main speaking language

One of the simplest fastest way to learn how to speak good English is attending a webinar, seminar, club, meeting or any gathering where English language it the main speaking language. Some hosts of a gathering may invite a high talented motivational speaker to speak at their event, hence, as an attendee, you will learn so many things from there.

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We hope that article it has taught you everything involved in how to learn how to speak good English in Nigeria? If you know any other school of English around you which you they are worth listed and explained here while they have not, please share them with us via our Facebook page or contact form or via our email as we will hence update this article effectively immediately.

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