OAU school fees for all courses in 2022

OAU school fees for all courses

Have you just been given admission by the admission officers of OAU to study for a degree program at Obefemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state? Here in this article is the detailed discussion of OAU school fees for all courses and faculties which OAU offers presently in 2022.

OAU is one of the top prestigious universities in Nigeria. Everything in OAU is in an international standard. In fact, it is the second best university in Nigeria after University of Ibadan (UI) according to Times Higer Education, the number one world university’s ranker.

In this article, I will discuss with you OUA school fees for newly admitted students (freshers0, Nursing, Medicine and Surgery and also the portal of OUA for school fees payment in 2022.

Now, let’s start to discuss OAU school fees for all courses for both new and returning students in 2022 one by one.

OAU school fees for fresh students

The school fees of OAU for fresh or newly admitted students in 2022 differ from faculty to faculty, for example, if you a Law student, your school fee can be the same with the students who study engineering.

Some faculties offered in OAU and their respective school fees per session are shown in the table below:

Faculty’s NameFee in Naira
  • OAU Acceptance fee: N20, 000. It is a fee that every newly admitted student must pay to OAU showing that you have accepted the course and the admission that has been offered to you by OAU admission offocers.
  • Please note that there is one fee called Development Levy and it is Eighteen thousand Naira (N18,000.00) which must paid by Fresh Students and it is once. I.e, throughout their stay in OUA, they would not pay any development levy.
  • TISHIP (Tertiary Institutions Students Health Insurance Prog.) is 2,000.00 Naira
  • Students’ Welfare Insurance Scheme – 1,000.00
  • Accommodation: Fresh students will be provided cheap accommodation, roughly N3,090.00.

It is very important to note that OAU school fees are not paid semester by semester but session by session, i.e, year by year. For example, if you are an Engineering student, the year for your study is five years and you are expected to pay school fees in five different times.

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OAU school fees for Medicine and Surgery

Medicine and Surgery is the most lucrative course every where in the world for this time. If you want to study it in Nigeria, then it’s very ideal to study it in the Nigerian university that has been recommended for Medical course. One of the best universities in Nigeria for medical students in 2022 is OAU.

Want to know the school fees of OAU for Medicine and Surgery student? Please continue reading!

Please note that the school fees for all Health Sciences related courses, Pharmacy and Medicine and Surgery is 57,700 Naira per session.

  • Arts, Business Administration, Social Sciences, Education and Law | 43,700 Naira per session.
  • Agriculture, Engineering and Technology, Education Sciences, Science | 54,700 Naira per session.
  • Health Sciences, Pharmacy and Medicine | 57,700 Naira per session.

OAU School fees portal

The official portal/website to use for OAU school and any other fee payment is https://eportal.oauife.edu.ng/validmes1.php.

Please note that all payments MUST be initated from the University’s PORTAL by clicking on “PAYMENT OF FEES” from student’s Home Page to download PAYMENT SLIP for each type of payment you want to make. I.e. separate PAYMENT SLIP for Acceptance, MainFees and Accomodation (optional).

The OAU PORTAL will determine the type of payments available for you. For example, if you are granted a BEDSPACE, Accommodation fee will automatically appear. Please do not pay for accommodation until you have secured a BEDSPACE as such payment will not be refunded.

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