How much does it cost to get a website in Nigeira

How much does it cost to get a website in Nigeria?

Today, we will discuss the cost of getting a website in Nigeria. If you search for how much it costs to get a website in Nigeria, then this shows that you have an existing business or are rendering a service that you want to reach more people.

Please note that getting a website is not free, hence there must be a cost whether you let a web developer create it for you or you create it yourself. If you want your digital marketing business to stand out as a start-off entrepreneur, you need a website.

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Now, let’s get started to discuss how much it costs to get a professional website in Nigeria.

How much does it cost to get a website in Nigeira

The cost of creating a website is not fixed. In most cases, it depends on your budget (what you want to use the website to achieve). However, according to the estimate we shall analyze today, you can get a website for your business for as low as 150,000 Naira if you are to buy anything from Nigeria.

The price of creating a website is not static due to the plan of web hosting needed for your website, the type of domain name extension that is right for your niche, the type of SSL certificate you need for securing your website visitors, types of web developers (full stack or front end or backend) required, etc, some websites can be gotten with as low as 500,000 to millions of Naira.

Let’s try our best to analyze the cost involved in getting a website in Nigeria this year. You may also need to see our guide on how to start a digital marketing business in 2024.

To answer how much it costs to get a website in Nigeria in this present economy, we need to explain with the table so you understand easily.

Presently, in Nigeria, the cost to develop and design a brand-new website starts from N100,000 and above. Here is the breakdown of the cost.

Hosting is the process of providing storage space for a website that is connected to the internet. The hosting can cost approximately N50,000 per year.

Without hosting, there is no way your website would run. However, there are many hosting plans meant for different purposes. is the best WordPress platform to use for creating websites. You may see our guide on the differences between and

Web hosting price in Nigeria

Another thing that brings cost at the time of creating a website is domain. The domain is the name of your website, it is not free to get, hence, you need to buy it from an accredited company.

The domain name costs between N10, 000 to N15, 000 per year. In the process of buying it, you would need to select the domain extension (.com, .org, .ng, etc.)

Domain name price in Nigeria.

SSL certificate is a tool that secures your data and that of your visitors. It’s an acronym standing for Secure Sockets Layer. It secures and safeguards any sensitive data on your website.

The price of an SSL certificate presently ranges from N6,000 to N6,500. You need to get it because if a website lacks an SSL certificate, it will not let any visitor visit and also tell them that they shouldn’t enter their password or sensitive information. You may see our guide on how to use Cloudflare to get a free SSL certificate for your website.

Nigerian price of SSL certificate provider for getting your website.

If a professional is working to get a website for you, he can help you cut down some money by not buying an SSL certificate while your website will work. As an entrepreneur, look for professional services.

Business email is also known as professional or office email. This is the type of email address that doesn’t contain Gmail or Yahoo but simply your keyword and domain name. For example, [email protected].

It is ideal for a high-level website to have a business email for professionalism. You don’t have to have a business email for your website to run. If you just started-off, you can cut down the cost by allowing a professional manager create a custom email address for your domain. It is one of the services we render for our fans for free. If you are one of our customers, then you may enjoy that now.

However, Business email can cost you at least NGN6,000 per year per year in Nigeria to buy it. You may also see our guide on how to create a custom email address for a WordPress blog.

Nigerian price of a custom email address provider

Another cost involved in creating a website is the developer fee. This cost varies because every web developer charges in a such way that is worth their services.

It is not only website development that the web developer will do. They will do many things like installing WordPress for you, developing, designing, creating custom email for you, optimizing your website content for SEO, logo redesigning to fit your website needs, etc.

So, in conclusion, to get a professional website for your company in Nigeria, you can be prepared to get at least N80,000 and above for your web developer if you are the one who will buy your domain, SSL, custom email address, graphic designer, and many more things you need. Remember, we are a website developer and designer. If you need our assistance, get in touch with us. You may see how we help people set up blogs and websites for their business for free.

Note that sometimes, depending on the type of website you want to get, only a web developer can not get the job done, thus, your web developer may need the assistance of a graphic designer, content creator, UI/UX designer, programmer/coder, software developer, SEO expert, digital marketer, and lot more. It is also good to let your web developer tell you the outcome of the website he will deliver to you. You may see our expert guide on the requirements for blogging in 2024.

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