Do you have what to teach the world via the internet and you are searching for how you can make it come to reality? Do you want to blog about your expertise, experience, product, service, brand, company, and a lot more? In this guide, I will show you the requirements you should have for blogging or web mastering, and everything it takes to be a professional blogger and webmaster (manager) in 2024.

Blogging is the act of writing articles/posts regularly on a specific topic to teach, educate, inspire, amuse, and inform people. Interestingly, many people of your choice can work a writing job at any time and place. You may see our guide on how much it costs to get a website in Nigeria in 2024.

In case this is your first time searching how to create a blog or you just want to know the requirements involved for owning a blog in 2024, you are in the right place. Here on this website, we aim to see you get the websites of your dreams for your business, company, service, product, and everything you do. You may see our guide on how to start a WordPress blog step-by-step.

Requirements for blogging for 2023

Now, let’s start to discuss the requirements for blogging in 2024.

Requirements for blogging in 2024

#1. Computer

Every blogger will need a computer with access to the internet. A Personal Computer or a laptop is the #1 requirement to start a blog or website and any online business. If you are starting without a laptop, that doesn’t mean you should wait till you get it before you start or go on a loan for it.

You can find a business center or cafe where they rent their computer on an hourly basis. You may start with that in a few months to find what your audiences are looking for. You may see our expert guide on how to professionally choose a niche for your blog.

Any laptop you are using, make sure it has functional keyboards because you will need to type everything by yourself. Don’t look for easy ways of copying other people’s works. If you are copying content from other websites, your blog will never grow organically.

You can also use a tablet or a smartphone for blogging. A Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress effectively works on a Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer web browser. Thus, make sure that your computer has any of these web browsers installed. You may see our expert guides on creating websites with WordPress for free without coding.

#2. Hosting and domain

Your blog will need to be hosted online by a web hosting registrar. You will also need a domain registrar who will register your website or blog domain name. Your web hosting is the storage or warehouse of your blog’s properties/files such as images, videos, documents, etc. while your domain is your business name, for example,

Even to start a physical (offline) business, you must acquire a place (office) and sometimes a business name/certificate. That is what hosting and domain respectively mean when it comes to starting a blog and website. You may see our expert guide on top best WordPress hosting companies in the world.

Note that you can’t use a domain name that another person is using. That is why we advise that you should check your business’s name domain name availability before doing anything, for example, registering it with the governmental business registration agency. Because, if you spend money any time going through the registration, the domain name for your business may not be available. What you should do is check the availability of the domain name for your business name online. You may see our guide on how to search for an available domain name.

#3. Content Management system (CMS)

Content Management System is a tool that helps webmasters add content to a blog without having to write a single line of programming code. One of the popular Content Management systems is WordPress which can be installed for free. We have a lot of guides, information, and tips that can help you know how to use WordPress to the fullest for free.

Other CMSs like Joomla are more specialized, but often, they are a little more complicated. However, to install a CMS, you will need suitable hosting because you must install it from cPanel. And it is a web hosting company that can give you access to the cPanel. You may see our expert guide on how to get a cPanel step-by-step.

#4. Consistent time and effort

To achieve anything that is worthwhile in the world, you need to put in more consistent time and effort. Blogging is not a funfair. The rate of your success as a blogger depends on the sacrifice of your time and effort. You don’t really need money to start a blog.

If you are blogging as a side hustle, once you have realized its benefits, make it a full-time hustle. However, as a side hustle; blogging requires about 10-15 hours per week, and in about 1-2 years, you must have developed enough audience, content, and readers to shift it to a full-time blog.

As a blogger, without consistency in your time and effort; you end up nowhere. So, prepare and restructure yourself, develop new habits, and decide to blog at least 2 hours a day when you are starting off.

If you want to start a blog and make it your full-time career, then expect quick results in less than 8-12 months to be successful.

Now, let’s move on to another requirement for running a successful blog.

#5. Writing Skills

You can have different types of content such as videos, images, graphics, stats, lists, and text articles on your blog. However, text articles that require your writing skills are a common need in a majority of them. You should be good enough at expressing your thoughts, ideas opinions in written form.

You may take a course on copywriting or content marketing to embrace your writing skills. You may see our expert tips on how to improve your writing skills as a blogger.

#6. Team building

In business, team building is very important if you want to deliver outstanding quality services to your consumers. If you are starting off, you should work hard to figure out what people are in need of. When you have found your niche, you can start building a team such as co-article writers, graphic designers, SEO experts, digital marketers, web developers, etc.

If you are the only one who is contributing to the growth of your blog, your development is less than blogs that five persons are working on. Thus, the earnings from your blog are based on the amount of your time and effort alone. But if you have more people with you, you will earn a high income. You may watch my video where I discussed on top four types of people that every company should employ. If you want to build a team for your blog, then you may find watching it helpful.

Frequently asked questions

Being an agency for a company’s website and blog design and development for years, here at are the answers to questions that potential bloggers frequently ask.

Can one make money blogging about one’s life?

Yes. But what type of one’s life is that? Is it an inspiring life, or an uninspiring one? You can blog about your journey through life which is inspiring that people want to emulate. If you are blogging about your life, definitely people will pay you to learn how to become like you.

How to start a blog for free

If you are inspired enough to start a blog but you don’t have money, that is when we come in. We are not promising you money, but we promise you guides, tips, and information to get and start your blog for free. You can start with where you will only buy domain and hosting from any company of your choice.

If you don’t have money to buy hosting and domain while you are eager to get your ideas shared across the internet, then you may use or blogger or to start a blog for free. You may see our expert tip on the differences between and You are one step away from letting your service get an online presence if you want us to teach you.

How to write a blog

This is how to write a post on your blog if you are using WordPress. Login to your dashboard and click post, then click add new. Now, enter your blog title and start writing your message. You may see our expert guide on how to write your first blog post on WordPress.

Note that blog post writing is the core effort in growing a blog. If you have other skills but are not good at writing while planning to grow a blog, your chance of success is very low unless you higher people who are way better than you at writing. You can focus on doing your role on the blog while hiring other

What should beginners to blogging know?

If you are a beginner to blogging, one important thing I like to let you know is don’t be driven by the show off of other bloggers on the internet because if you don’t see success on your own, you won’t get stuck. I want you to start with what you love to do even if you don’t get paid for it. I need to tell you this because unscrupulous people may approach you with fake evidence that they can help you skyrocket your earnings.

I want you to stop thinking about how you can make money from your blog and start thinking about how you should provide more value to your blog so that money comes naturally. You may see our expert guides on top ways to make money from a WordPress blog. If you need more guides about website and blog design, you may see the Fastknowers blog page regularly.

Are there more requirements for blogging apart from the ones above?

If you want to start a blog of any kind, the six requirements above are enough. There are some bloggers that I witnessed who started with less than three of these requirements. You don’t need a fancy laptop to start. If you are ready now, then see how to start a blog.


Blogging is the writing of words to persuade, give information, educate people, and lots more. This post you have just read is a blog post. It is one of the ways clever digital marketers use to promote their brands build their portfolios, and sell their services, and products. Blogging is important for any marketer even you. You may also see our guide on the top benefits of blogging (why should every company blog) in 2024 and beyond.

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