Are you a blogger looking for the top Google tools to use for free to grow your website or blog? In a digital marketing space, you cannot succeed without Google. From getting an email address to saving your files or content and more, Google has got you covered. In this article, I will show you the top 21 and more free Google tools that every blogger should use.

Google offers a wide variety of free tools to help bloggers and website owners improve their SEO, get more traffic, be more productive, and more. You may see our expert step-by-step guide on how to start a WordPress blog (complete guide for 2024).

These Google tools help you plan, analyze, monetize, monitor, and rank your blog. Now, let us start to show you the top 21 free Google tools that every blogger should use and let us know which ones you are not presently using.

As a blogger, creating highly engaging content can be challenging. Gladly, with the right Google tools that are shown below, you will be capable of coming up with innovative ideas for publishing content and managing your online business.

Blogging is much easier when you are using the best blogging tools. You may see our guide on the top best SEO tools for small businesses in 2024.

Before I get started to show you the top 21 free Google tools that every blogger should use, here are the must-have three of Google’s free tools that every blogger and webmaster uses to help their blog and website grow.

  1. PageSpeed Insights:  help make your website and blog load faster. Fast-loading websites rank better in search engines while providing a better user experience.
  2. Google Analytics: This helps you to track user behavior on your website, including pageviews, traffic sources, and user demographics.
  3. Google reCAPTCHA: Helping you protect forms such as contact forms, comments sections, subscription forms, and more on your WordPress website and blog from spam and malicious bots by adding a layer of security.
Top 21 free Google tools that every blogger and web master should use

Now that you have known the top three must-have Google tools for bloggers and webmasters above, let’s start showing you the top 19+ best free Google tools every WordPress blogger should use.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best analytics tools to know the details of visitors of blogs and websites.

By using Google Analytics, you will be able to know how people find your website, the type of devices they use, the pages they view on your website, how long they spend on your website pages (bounce rate), and a lot more.

You can use the information of your website visitors from Google Analytics to help you better understand your audience so you can plan and execute an effective content strategy and marketing. By connecting your website with Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see what topics and pages best attract people.

If you want to create a Google Analytics account and link your website or blog with it, the video below may be of help. Watch it below and comment wherever you may need help.

Google search console

Search Console is another Google tool that helps you monitor and maintain your website or blog search engine presence and rankings.

It helps you see what keywords people use to find your site, tells you about site errors holding back your rankings, and much more. It is on the Google Search Console that you can submit an XML sitemap to help search engines crawl your website better.

Google reCAPTCHA

reCAPTCHA is the Google tool that protects websites from malicious attacks and spam by determining whether a visitor is a human or a bot. while Google is using advanced risk analysis and machine learning, the Google reCAPTCHA tool is now better than the traditional CAPTCHA system.

When you visit a website and start seeing a reCAPTCHA challenge, typically involves an ‘I’m not a robot’ checkbox, or users may need to click specific images to verify that they are indeed a human, especially on a contact form or user registration page, note that Google reCAPTCHA is in action.

Google pagespeed insight

Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool for website performance monitoring. It helps you to make sure that you have a fast-loading website as a faster website is considered to provide a good user experience.

This tool tells you how your website is performing on both desktop and mobile devices by breaking down the results into different sections plus resources and best practices to help you fix any issues you might be having so you can see what’s holding your site back.

Google pagespeed insight results.

If you’ve found that your website has poor performance and slow loading issues, then there’s a lot you can do to improve. First, we recommend using the fastest web hosting. You may see our guide on the top best WordPress shared hosting companies

Secondly, use a WordPress caching plugin to help reduce the load on your server and speed up your website.

If you are serious about optimizing your site speed, then you may check out our how to optimize a WordPress website database via cPanel.

Google translate tool

In digital marketing where international communication is very important, Google Translate serves as a language interpreting tool. As one of Google’s free tools, it helps you translate your ideas to be understood by other readers who don’t understand your language.

You can add it to your website or blog to let people choose the language of their choice when using your website.

The core function of Google Translate is to allow you to input text and receive translations in different languages. Importantly, with the Website Translator plugin, you can make your content accessible to a broader audience by providing translations in multiple languages.

In addition to using it to translate text content into audio, it can interpret spoken words into text in any language you set it.

Google programmable search

Google Programmable Search is a tool that you can develop on your website to make an easy way for people to search for anything they need on your site.

The default WordPress search tool is sometimes limited to finding relevant content on your website. If you want to have full control of what people will see when they search a keyword on your website, you’ll program a Google Programmable Search tool.

With Google Programmable Search, you have complete control over the content it will search, and you can design the search feature to fully blend into your website.

You don’t have to be a professional programmer or developer before you can add it. If your website is built with WordPress, then a plugin like SearchWP is recommended to use. But it comes with a fee. If you know a little programming, then try to use Google Programmable Search to get started for free.

Google Tag manager

Google Tag Manager is a Google tool that allows you to easily add custom code snippets or tag features to your site.

Adding snippets or tags to a website usually requires custom code. But Google Tag Manager helps load custom code snippets in an external script and becomes hard to manage them if you are not too technical.

Happily, Google Tag Manager allows you to manage all your external codes from one dashboard. By allowing you to only add one Google Tag Manager snippet to your site, and then manage the rest from a single dashboard.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

The Google Mobile-Friendly Test is a tool that lets you know how well your website is optimized on mobile devices. It also gives you a detailed breakdown of any issues and what you can do to fix them.

A high volume of website traffic comes from mobile devices. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, and people who visit it have a poor user experience, then you can lose out on search engine rankings.

The easiest way to ensure your website is optimized for the mobile web is by using a responsive CSS code or theme. Responsive design and themes will automatically let your website adjust to your visitor’s screen size, so they’ll look perfect on any device they use. You may see our guide on how to code a responsive checkout page for an e-commerce website.

Google Ads planner tool

The Google Ads Keyword Planner is a Google tool that gives you insights into what people are searching for in Google search. It pulls data from Google search results and paid advertisers so that your advertising can be made easy.

Using this tool, you can generate a list of keywords related to your blog and see which keywords get the most searches per month.

Google Ads Keyword Tool results

This tool can also help you generate new ideas for your blog posts and plan your content publishing strategy. You may see our expert guide on how to do keyword research for your blog post.

Think with Google

Think with Google Research is another best Google tool that can help you understand your market, spot new trends, and grow your website or blog.

The data and insights you can gain depend on which tools you use. For example, the Market Insights tool can help you find new regional or global markets to expand into.

Think with Google market insights

It shows retail categories growing in popularity, along with the related search terms. This tells you if the niche you are in is growing in popularity.

Think with Google categories insights

You can use the audience finder tool to uncover new audiences.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a tool that lets you add your business information to Google so it can be displayed in search results to your local audiences.

If you run a local business or provide services to a local area, then Google My Business is something you cannot miss.

Displaying your business information in Google search results will boost your brand’s search visibility and bring you new customers and potential leads.

Google AdSense

Google Adsense lets website content writers (bloggers) and website owners display ads on their content from Google directly without approaching companies to place ads. Adsense is one of the longest-running display advertising programs.

To display Google ads on your website, you need to apply and be verified and approved. Once you’re approved for the program, Google will generate a code that you can add to your website or blog and start making money when people view your pages, click the ads on your website, and lots more.

To display ads across your website without manually adding the code at the place of your choice, we recommend you turn on auto ads on your AdSense account.

Google AdSense is the best way to make money on your blog especially if you are just starting. You may see our guide on

For more details, see our guide on how to properly add Google AdSense to WordPress.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms

Google Docs is the most popular productivity tool from Google. But there are other ones as well. You’ll find a wide range of tools for mobile and desktop, including Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Calendar, Gmail, and more.

The main advantage of using Google’s productivity apps is the easy sharing features, with full privacy control, unlimited revisions, inline comments, and real-time collaboration, all without needing to hit the save button.

Plus, there are all kinds of innovative ways to integrate these tools with WordPress. For example, you can connect WordPress forms to Google Sheets, integrate Google Calendar with WordPress, and more.

There’s also a premium version of these same tools called Google Workspace. This gives you the same functionality, plus a professional business email address, more cloud storage, support for two-factor authentication, and more. See our detailed Google Workspace review to learn more.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage tool you can use to store your documents, files, images, videos, and more.

You can use the free cloud storage space to store any file you want and sync it across other devices with a Google account.

If you’re looking for a place to store your WordPress backup files safely, then Google Drive can be an ideal option. You may see my expert guide below on how to back up WordPress website files.

Google Maps

Google Maps gives you a great way to embed interactive maps into your website to help people know where your offices are physically located.

If your business is a local one like a coffee shop, barber shop, hotel, restaurant, etc., Google Maps is a must-have tool for you.

If you travel from place to place, Google Maps can also help you know any place you’ve been and give you a direction to any place.

Google alert

Google Alerts tool instantly notifies you any time your company name is mentioned on the internet. This tool helps the webmaster and digital marketer to get backlinks.

When people mention your name, chances are they are satisfied or dissatisfied with your services. If they are satisfied, talk about your company to other people. Sadly, they may forget to link to your company website. The best tool you can use to know wherever people mention your brand name is Google Alert. It only takes a few seconds to set it up and start getting email notifications when you’re mentioned online.

It’s an important tool to use for building a strong brand image. Plus, these alerts can help to notify you of backlink opportunities and potential business partnerships.

Google trends

Google Trends gives you a bird’s eye view of what’s trending in the world of search. You can browse through the latest curated data or search for keywords related to your niche.

Google Trends can be helpful in addition to other research tools like the Google Ads Keyword Planner. When you enter a keyword, you’ll be able to see if its popularity is trending up or down.

Google fonts

Google Fonts is a great place to look for free fonts you can use on your website. Typography and font choice play a very important role in the design and usability of your website.

With this free Google tool, you can download and use fonts directly from Google or embed them into your website and serve them from Google’s servers.

Google Hangouts is a free conference call and video meeting tool from Google. It offers secure messaging, phone, and video conferencing for teams and businesses.

This is perfect for smaller teams who want to have quick conversations and easily share Google Docs during the call.

Users can join video meetings with a dial-in number or meeting link.

YouTube homepage

YouTube is not just a video hosting service; it’s also the second most popular search engine on the web. Millions of users are looking for video content all the time. You may see our guide on the benefits of hosting videos on third-party platforms for WordPress websites.

Adding videos to your blog content can help you get more engagement, but we recommend that you never upload videos to WordPress. Instead, we recommend hosting them on YouTube.

I have my own YouTube channel where I host all the videos that I embed on my website and blog.

If you want to add your YouTube videos to WordPress, then see my guide below.

Google News

Google News is a valuable tool for bloggers, content creators, and webmasters. As a platform dedicated to aggregating and curating news content from various sources around the globe, Google News provides users with access to a diverse range of news articles, videos, and other multimedia content across different topics and categories.

If you are a news writer, you can use Google News to create news for your audience. With Google News, you can stay up to date with anything. You may see our expert guide on how to improve your writing skills as a blogger.

Google as a big tech company is often launching new tools and services, and many of them are available for free or at a very low price.

Many more Google tools are free and can be immensely helpful with your WordPress blog. Some of them that I have not mentioned in this article are:

Hope this article has helped you know the top 21 free Google tools that every blogger should use. You may see our expert step-by-step guide on tips on how to make a Google-friendly blog.

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