Where to register NIN in Ebonyi state with the procedures of how to register

Do you want to enroll for national ID card in order to get your own National Identification Number, NIN for a while. That’s what we’re going to show here today, where you can visit and register your NIN in Ebonyi state.

Are you a student or wanting to get your own unique national ID, NIN while living in Ebonyi state? If you want to know the NIMC offices in every part of Ebonyi state, then I advise you to keep reading.

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Almost everything (both in Nigeria and outside) has been linked or partnered with National Identity Management Commissions, NIMC.

As a result of that, it’s now easier than before to apply your national ID card today in every state in Nigeria if you have known the right place to go.

Where To Register National ID Card And Get Your NIN Very Fast In Ebonyi State

Below are the recommended national ID card registration centres in Ebonyi state. Thus, go there wisely with supported documents as discussed in this article by clicking here.

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S/NLocal GovernmentLocation Or Address
1OnichaLGA Secretariat, Isu Onicha
2OhaukwuLGA Secretariat, 135, Ezzangbo
3OhaozaraLGA Secretariat, Obiozara
4IzziIzzi Council Secretariat off Iboko Road, Iboko
5IvoIvo Council Secretariat, along Afikpo-Okigwe Expressway Isiaka Mile II, Ebonyi
6Ezza NorthLGA Secretariat, Ebiaji
7Ezza SouthEzza South LGA Secretariat, Onueke
8IkwoLGA Secretariat, Onyebonyi Echara Ikwo
9IshieluIshielu Local Government Secretariat, Ezillo
10AbakalikiGoverment House, Abakaliki

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S/NLocal GovernmentAddress Or Location
11Abakaliki LGAAbakaliki Local Government Secretariat
12Afikpo SouthLGA Secretariat, Nguzu Edda
13Centenary CityCentenary City, Abakaliki
14Afikpo North Local Government Secretariat, Ugbodo
15EbonyiLocal Government Secretariat, Ugbodo

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Address Of NIMC Head Office In Ebonyi State

In every thirty-six (36) state in Nigeria, National Identity Management Commissions, NIMC does have state headquarter.

Also, NIMC has a state head office in Ebonyi state and it’s located in Abakaliki, the capital city of the state.

For complain or any technical support, you can visit the state head office of national ID card for assistance.

If you don’t want to pay large some of money for national ID card enrolment, then it’s better to visit their head office in Anal for help.

The address or where head office of NIMC is located in Ebonyi state is Old State Secretariat, National Identity Management Commission, Nnorom Street, Abakaliki.

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