How to check your Glo number step by step in 2022

by Abdulrazaq
How to check your Glo number step by step in 2022

If you are using many SIM cards, it is difficult to memorize the telephone number of all of them. Hence, in this today’s article, we will be discussing different steps which you can use to check your Glo telephone number very fast in 2022.

USSD code to check your Glo number the easy way? Please note that Glo number can’t only be checked with USSD code but also other methods like via SMS, calling Glo number checking code: 1244, texting a free of charge message to other Glo number using 133, etc.

Now, let’s get started!!

How to check Glo number in 2022 very fast

Are you doing something that is important while requiring you to enter your telephone number? If your Glo SIM card is new or some reasons you don’t know your number off-hand, how can you check it very fast in the blink of an eye? Please continue reading to know all the simplest methods in this article in 2022!!

As one of the top rated network providers in Africa, Glo telecommunication company in Nigeria has a good customer services. To make you experience smooth network usage, it has created a lot of ways you can check your Glo phone number, data balance, airtime balance, etc. easily.

There are many methods to check your Glo number and the following are the ones of our recommended in 2022 with their step by step explanation.

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USSD code method

Do you know that every telecommunication company has a unique USSD code which their customers can dial on their phone to check their number? One of the Glo USSD codes allows a customer to check phone numbers at their convenience. Please follow the instructions below for more info:

  • To check your Glo phone number, first dial the short code: *135*8#.
  • After you dialed that code, your phone number will appear on the screen with the Nigerian country code, +234.
  • Hence, you will have +23408121027901 if for example your number is 08121027901.
  • To not worry about checking it in the next time, quickly copy it down and save it in your phonebook or write it down on your diary.

In case the USSD code above can’t work for you, please use the codes below as an alternative method:

  • Dial the short code 1244.
  • After that code has been dialed via your Glo SIM card which you want to check its telephone number, a robot will call out your number. Hence, get ready to write it down.

Still, another more code is *777# which can be used to check your Glo number. Please read below for more guides on how to use.

  • Simply dial *777#.
  • In the command prompt, select 4 “My Tariff Plan”.
  • In the next pop-up command, select 3 to choose “My Number”
  • Success: your number will appear on your phone screen.
  • Please continue reading other methods if in case the Glo USSD code for checking your number discussed above didn’t work for you.

Facebook and WhatsApp method

Another fastest method to check the telephone number any Glo SIM card is Facebook or WhatsApp. Yes, of course, you can check it on social media!!

  • To check it on WhatsApp, open the WhatsApp app
  • Tap the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen)
  • Click on settings
  • Tap your name or the name you used to create a profile on WhatsApp to reveal your phone number
  • Alternatively, to check it on Facebook, open your Facebook app and click on the three vertical lines at the top right-hand corner of your phone
  • Scroll down & click on ”settings & Privacy”
  • Click on settings
  • Click on personal information and scroll down to click ”contact info”
  • If you linked your contact information like email address, location, website address, phone number with Facebook account, then your number and and other contact information will be displayed on the ”Contact info” page.

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Calling another number method

Want to check your Glo number while every of the two methods above are not working for you? Indeed, another quickest method is calling other number.

To check your Glo number by calling another number, just go ahead and recharge your SIM card if it is without airtime and call any number that nears you.

As we all know, when calling another SIM card, our number must be appeared on the phone of the person we are calling.

For example, to make this method happen, just enter the number of your nearby friend on your phone dialer app, wait for the call to connect, by the time the call start ringing, then request your friend to let you know your number. Perhaps, this is the coolest method, isn’t it? Of course it must!!

Glo website method

The website of Glo network can also be used to check the number of your SIM card.

  • To easily check Glo number online on Glo website, use browsing device (mobile phone or laptop) preferably laptop
  • Insert your Glo SIM card and connect
  • Visit (portal designed by Glo for checking telephone number of a SIM card)
  • After visiting that website and provided everything requested, then immediately, your Glo number and other necessary details will come up

How to check Glo number via SMS

How to check Glo number via SMS

Another important method to check your telephone number of your Glo SIM card is by texting an SMS message to another Glo SIM card.

In the event that you don’t airtime currently present in your main account balance, how should you do? Glo has the feature of ‘Please call me back” service which allows their customers to send ‘Please call me back text message to their friend for free of charge.

How to use SMS method to check your Glo number? Simply insert your SIM card in a phone, open the text message menu on your phone, enter

Other network number checking code

The USSD code to check the number of other networks in Nigeria are:

MTN number checking code*663# or *123*1*1
Airtel number checking code*121*3*4#
9Mobile number checking code*248#


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