FCMB transfer code (*329#) and how to activate (2022)

Do you want to know the official USSD code of FCMB bank for fund transfer from FCMB bank to other bank? In this article, we will teach you how to activate FCMB bank transfer code and everything you may have to know.

First City Monument Bank, also popularly known as FCMB is one of the top best commercial banks in Nigeria that has a quickest mobile banking services like USSD code and mobile application.

Now, let’s start!!

With FCMB USSD code service, you can transfer money from your account to any other account, check your account balance, check your bank statement, purchase airtime from your account in time of emergency or at your will and lots more. In fact, some other frequently used FCMB codes and their function are:

  • To transfer money from FCMB account, dial *329*Amount*Account number#.
  • To check your FCMB account balance, dial *329*00#.
  • To recharge airtime for yourself from FCMB, dial *329*Amount#.
  • To recharge airtime for others from your FCMB account, dial *329*Amount*Mobile number#.
  • To reset your transaction PIN, dial *329*0#.
  • To buy data on your phoneial *329*1*Mobile Number#.
  • To pay for DSTv, GOTv or cable TV subscription, dial *329*2*Smartcard Number#.
  • Dial *329*8*, self-service and press 3 to increase or reduce your transfer limit
  • Dial *329#, select self-service, select ‘block card’ to block debit card
  • Dial *329#, select self-service, select block account to block account.
  • Dial *329#, select self-service, select link BVN to link BVN.
  • Dial *329#, select statement, select full statement, then select the duration (up to 6 months). Your statement will be sent to your registered email address instantly.
  • Dial *329#, ‘select statement’ then select mini statement to view your last five (5) transaction’s history (bank statement) instantly.

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How to activate FCMB transfer code and mobile banking

Please note that before you can enjoy any of the benefits of FCMB transfer code shown above, you must first activate FCMB mobile banking feature on your alert SIM card.

To activate FCMB transfer code or FCMB mobile banking on your phone, the USSD code to dial is *389*214#. For more information, please follow the guides below.

After you have dialed the code to activate FCMB mobile banking (*389*214#), three different options will be then displayed for you to pick one to activate your FCMB transfer mobile banking with. The three options are:

  1. Activate with card
  2. Activate with Account
  3. Activate with Mwallet

The option that is very fast and easy for beginners is option 2 which is ‘Activate with account’. Now, let’s start discussing how to activate FCMB transfer service or using account information:

  • First dial *389*214# via your FCMB alert number
  • Choose option 2 to select ‘activate with account’.
  • Enter account number.
  • Shortly, FCMB will send you a text message notifying “Congratulations, you have been successfully synchronized”
  • Now, dial *389*214# once again via your FCMB alert number
  • Click on Security
  • Select ‘Change PIN’ to remove your default PIN and
  • Enter your new four digits transaction PIN.
  • Please for security purpose, do not ever share your transaction PIN with anybody even FCMB bank agent unless it is really needed.

After successfully activating FCMB mobile banking feature on your SIM card, now you can start enjoying mobile banking using FCMB USSD code (*389#) on your mobile phone anytime and anywhere.

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USSD code to check FCMB account balance

For now that FCMB has integrated mobile banking feature on their USSD code, customers can check their account balance at the comfort of their home or office or everywhere they may are using their mobile phone and FCMB alert SIM card.

This means that all customers of FCMB can dial FCMB USSD code, *389# to send money from their account to other account, check their account balance, view account statement, etc.

What is FCMB account balance code, you asked, right? To check your First City Monument Bank (FCMB) account balance, just simply dial *389*214# through your FCMB alert number.

FCMB recharge code

With the official FCMB USSD code, *389#, customers can recharge airtime for their selves or others, recharge their cable TV subscription such as their Gotv, DStv, Startime etc., buy data for their selves or others, pay for their utility bills such as electricity bill, water bill, etc.

FCMB airtime recharge code

Out of airtime? Do you know that you can recharge airtime directly from your FCMB account?

You can also recharge friend’s phone directly from your FCMB account during an emergency time or some reasons.

To recharge airtime directly to the phone number which is linked with your FCMB account or your FCMB alert number, dial *329*amount#. For example, if you want to buy N200 airtime for yourself, just simply dial *328*200#.

In the same time, to recharge a third party mobile number, for example, the number that is not linked with your FCMB account like your friend, dad, or wife’s phone number, dial *329*amount*phone number#.

Cable TV recharge

To recharge your cable TV subscription using FCMB USSD code, the code to dial is *329*2*Amount*Smartcard Number#.

For example, if your cable TV is GOTV with smartcard number: 1227816253 while you want to recharge it with N1, 500, just dial *329*2*1500* 1227816253#.

FCMB data recharge code

The FCMB USSD code can also be used to recharge data directly from your account for yourself or others.

Please dial *329*1*Mobile Number# to recharge data (data top up) from your FCMB account to any telephone number.

USSD code of FCMB for recharging utility bill

If you use utility device like electricity meter in your home or office, you don’t have to visit their for recharging it because with FCMB USSD code, you can recharge it very fast.

Dial *329*3*Amount*Meter No# or *329*3*Amount*AccountID# to make your electricity bill payments.

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FCMB mobile banking PIN

Do you know that you need a four digit secret transaction PIN to transfer up to N500,000.00 from your FCMB account daily? If you have not created your FCMB transaction PIN/code, simply follow the simple steps below: 

  1. Dial *329*0# 
  2. Select Create/Reset code 
  3. Select your ATM Card (for customers with multiple cards) 
  4. Enter your ATM Card PIN 
  5. Create a 4-digit Transaction Code, e.g. 1234 
  6. Enter your USSD PIN 
  7. Success: your FCMB transaction PIN for mobile banking is being created.

In case you forget your FCMB transaction PIN, in order to reset it, you can dial *329*0#, this will allow you to reset your pin. Or call the FCMB Contact Centre on 01-2798800 or visit any FCMB branch for more information.

If you mistakenly lost your phone which contain your FCMB alert number or the SIM card which your FCMB mobile banking feature is activated on it, please unblock the mobile banking feature on your SIM immediately by dialing: *389*2# using any phone or other SIM card in order to prevent unknown person (finder) from having access to your account.

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List of all FCMB USSD codes and their uses

List of all FCMB USSD codes and their uses

The following are the FCMB USSD codes which are consider as FCMB mobile banking and their respective uses.

To activate transfer codeDial*329#
Airtime for selfDial*329*Amount#
Airtime for othersDial *329*Amount*Mobile number#
Transfer MoneyDial *329*Amount*Account number#
Check balanceDial *329*00#
Account StatementDial *329#, select statement,
To Reset PINDial *329*0#
To buy DataDial *329*1*Mobile Number#
Pay for DSTV/GOTVDial *329*2*Amount*Smartcard Number#
To Block Your CardDial *329#, select self-service
To Block AccountDial *329#, select self-service
To link BVNDial *329#, select self-service,
Mini statementDial *329#, select statement then select mini statement to view your last five (5) transactions instantly.

In case you didn’t find the USSD code of what you want to do with your FCMB account, please see the tip below:

  1. Dial *329# on your mobile phone
  2. Select Self-Services from the menu
  3. Select Dispute Resolution, then proceed to choose your account and follow the prompts.

FCMB code to transfer money to other bank

As earlier discussed, the FCMB code to transfer money from your account to another FCMB is *329*Amount*Account number#. In the same vein, to send money to any other bank that is not the same with FCMB like UBA, Access bank etc., just simply dial *329**2*Amount*Account number#.


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