How to recharge Spectranet WiFi

How to recharge Spectranet WiFi

Spectranet WiFi can be recharged using different ways. In this today’s article, I will teach you how to recharge or renew your Spectranet WiFi device.

Has data plan in your Spectranet MiFi finished? Are you searching for how you can renew or top it up very fast and continue browsing? If yes, then this post is very helpful to you as it is going to discuss how to pay for Spectranet subscription step by step.

How to top up Spectranet WiFi data bundle

Now, let’s start discussing how to recharge Spectranet WiFi using different methods:

In person

Spectranet WiFi data bundle can be toped up in person, that is, by going to any of their nearest office yourself in order to meet their customer care.

For the list of all their offices in Nigeria and their address, please click here.

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SelfCare Login Page

The website of Spectranet itself is called SelfCare as it allows people to server their self online without going out to their office even though it is needed.

In the first place, we advised you to go to Spectranet office for recharging your Spectranet WiFi, right? Another method that you can use is visiting their SelfCare portal and follow the prompts to do it yourself very fast.

Visit their SelfCare here.

Bank Payment

Another way to use to recharge or top up your Spectranet WiFi data bundle is bank payment. In this method, almost every commercial bank in Nigeria are in partnership with Spectranet and hence they enable their customers use the money in their account to pay to Spectranet for renewing their data bundle.

How to recharge for Spectranet with Zenith Bank?

One of the banks which Spectranet so much likes its customers to use to pay for their WiFi data top up is Internet Banking of Zenith Bank. To recharge your Spectranet WiFi using Zenith bank, please PAY NOW by clicking here and follow the prompts.

To pay to Spectranet with Zenith bank for your WiFi data bundle top up, plrase follow the steps below:

  • First, login to your Zenith bank banking application
  • Select payments option
  • Select bill payments – Quickteller option
  • Choose bank account from which payment needs to be deducted
  • Select internet services under the category section
  • Select Spectranet limited under biller section
  • Choose between following under plan section…
    • Refill account (add money for plan change or auto renewal in future) or
    • Renew account (renew existing subscription plan with immediate effect)
  • Enter Spectranet UserID at ref. Number (reference number) section
  • Complete payment formalities for account to be renewed immediately or payment to be added to account
  • If you want same transaction to be repeated on a monthly basis, please select 
    • Repeating under one time transfer? Section
    • Select monthly under frequency section
    • Select start and end date for the period for automated deductions
  • Please remember to restart Spectranet MiFi device or router after renewal for services to be provisioned on the account.

Happily, you can also pay the amount of money that you want to recharge your Spectranet WiFi with directly into their Zenith bank account. Their Zenith bank account number and their respective state are discussed in the table below:

LocationBankAcount Number
AbujaZenith Bank PLC1014071129
IbadanZenith Bank PLC1014108926
LagosZenith Bank Plc1014071095
Port HarcourtZenith Bank Plc1014506728

How to pay for Spectranet with bank?

Apart from Zenith bank, you can also use other bank to recharge your Spectranet WiFi, please read all the banks below that offers this service one by one.

To contact Spectranet for payment related issue, please always use their ”payment contact form page” by clicking here.

It is very important to note that payments made through bank transfer will take at least 4 hours to reflect. Always share your user id, email id details for faster payment realization any time you are contacting them.

How to subscribe on Spectranet very fast

Now, the amazing ways on how to subscribe for data bundle on your Spectranet WiFi online are discussed in a list form below:

Note: the Spectranet has Mobile App which increases customer engagement and provide them with more values. With their mobile App, connectivity becomes seamless and payment for subscription is made simpler.

The Spectranet Mobile App offers customers easy access to check their account balance, history, recharge their WiFi and many more.

For full enjoyment, download Spectranet mobile app from:

Spectranet SIM card and how to get it

As usual, if you have got Spectranet MiFi, that is not the end of everything for you to be able to start browsing because you must have Spectranet official SIM card. I have in one of my of posts shown the ways on how to get it step by step. Please click here to read it.

Note: Spectranet SIM card can not be gotten by ordering it online but going to any of their nearest offices and buy in person can. To get it, please note that your National Identification Number (NIN) must be needed for due registration in line with the NCC’s regulation.


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