Airtel recharge code for data and airtime bonus

Airtel network limited is one of the top best telecommunication network providers in Nigeria. It is a network which many of us use to connect with our family and friends or even promote our businesses. Through out this page, it is the discussion of Airtel recharge code we are going to make.

To confidently use Airtel network, you must have to load recharge card to it in order to get airtime in it to call every other network or buy data to it to use it browse your favorite website.

Are you looking for the code to use to load Airtel recharge card directly for data and airtime? In this article, we have got you covered!!

How to recharge Airtel card in Nigeria

Please note that apart from code to use to load Airtel recharge card, there are many other fastest methods that can be used like bank mobile banking USSD code or application, airtime that another person transfer to you, etc.

To load Airtel credit using Airtel recharge card code, dial *126* PIN#, then click the call button on your phone. For example, suppose that your recharge card PIN is 7152 7654 3254 7614, to recharge it now, just simply dial *126* 7152765432547614# and then click send.

Airtel recharge code*126* recharge card PIN#
How many digits are Airtel recharge16 digit numbers
Code to check Airtel airtime balance*123#
Customer care number of Airtel111

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Note that Airtel Nigeria Recharge Card contains a 16-digit number as recharge PIN. Please follow the step above for loading any one you buy to your SIM card.

From the explanation given above, it is known that the recommended Airtel recharge code is *126*recharge card PIN#. Now, let’s move to show you the code to use to get bonus.

Airtel recharge code for bonus

To load your Airtel recharge in order to get bonus airteme to call other networks of your choice, just load your recharge card in the format: *500*PIN#. For instance, when your recharge card PIN is 2563 7892 2719 0216, then dial *500*2563789227190216#.

Note: by loading your recharge card with *500*recharge card PIN#, you will get 500% of your recharge card amount, for example, if you load N500 recharge card with it, then your account will be credited with N2, 500 airtime bonus and it call any other network.

You can also get Airtel airtime bonus when you load your recharge card with *555*PIN#. To check your bonus balance, simply dial *123#.

Another Airtel airtime bonus bundle you can buy on your SIM cars 20X. The recharge or subscription code for this bonus recharge code of Airtel is *241#.

To buy it, please follow the procedures below:

  1. Open your dialer menu on your phone
  2. Or just simply dial *241# been the Airtel credit code for 20X bonus
  3. A pulp up message will come up to select which 20X bonus you want.
  4. Chose from the available option in the pulp and continue.

Airtel recharge code for data

After loading Airtel recharge card, now if you want to use your credit to buy data, then simply dial *141#, just any option to allow buy data bundle and follow the prompts. However, to subscribe for data plan directly with your recharge card PIN, you will just need to dial *143* followed by Recharge PIN and #.

For example, if the PIN of your Airtel recharge card is 1242 6238 9861 0913, to load it directly and subscribe for 750MB at the rate of N500, simply dial *143* 12426238 98610913#.

The features of Airtel recharge code for instant data purchase (*143*PIN#) are just two or three and they are:

  • If you owe Airtel airtime or data, they can’t deduct it
  • It makes you faster because you dont need to load recharge firstly before going to dial data purchase code, *141#.
  • If the amount of the recharge is N100, the N100 data plan will be automatically subscribed on your SIM card. To check your available data balance, dial *140#.

Airtel bank recharge code

Airtel bank recharge code

As we have told you earlier, Airtel SIM card can be recharged with airtime and data using different methods. The two methods which people frequently use are USSD code (*126*PIN#, *500*PIN#, *555*PIN#, etc.) and bank recharge code.

Every commercial bank in Nigeria has their respective USSD mobile banking code which allows their customers load airtime to their SIM card and that of other at the comfort of their home or office.

The USSD codes that you can dial to purchase airtime from your bank account to your Airtel SIM card are discussed below with their respective bank name.

First Bank Of Nigeria*894*Amount#
Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTB)*737*Amount#
United Bank Of Africa (UBA)*919*Phone No*Amount#
First City Monument Bank (FCMB)*329*Amount#
Access Bank Plc*901*Amount#
Fidelity Bank Plc*770*Amount#
Sterling Bank Plc*822*Amount#
Polaris Bank Limited*833*Amount#
Zenith Bank Plc*966*Amount*Phone No#
Union Bank Of Nigeria*826*Amount#
Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc*909*Amount#
Wema Bank Plc*945*Amount#
Diamond Bank Plc*302*Amount#
Unity Bank*7799*Amount#
Heritage Bank Plc*745*Amount#
Keystone Bank Limited*7111*Amount#
Citibank Nigeria Limited—–
Standard Chartered Bank*977*Amount#
Globus Bank Limited*989*Amount#
Providus Bank Limited—-
SunTrust Bank Nigeria Limited*5230*Amount#
Titan Trust Bank Limited*922*Amount#

How to recharge your Airtel line via borrowing

  1. Gently put in your Airtel SIM card which you borrowed airtime to inside your mobile phone
  2. Dial *500# via it
  3. Press option 4 to choose ”Repay Loan” in order to enable pay back your borrowed airtime
  4. After that, now, you can view the amount of your existing loan balance
  5. Then enter an amount you wish to pay from it for now, for example, just simply write 50 if you are owing N90 while you want to pay N50 from it for now
  6. If you are having an airtime that is above N50, then your airtime will be debited and an SMS text message will be sent to you from Airtel notifying you about the action that you have just performed and the remaining loan you still have to pay
  7. Please make sure to recharge your line enough before you start to attempt paying back your borrowed airtime on Airtel network
  8. Any support or question you may need more clarification about, you can simply drop your comment via the comment box or contact Airtel customer care representative by calling 111
  9. Alternatively, Airtel Nigeria programmed that any loan their customer borrow from them is automatically paid back after they have loaded their recharge card, because of this, you can disregard dialing any code as discussed above and load airtime to your line to pay back an airtime you borrowed automatically.

How to recharge Airtel line on ATM machine

  • Insert your ATM card in an ATM machine
  • Choose “Airtime Recharge” on the menu.
  • Enter the telephone number of your SIM card as the “recipient number”
  • Enter the amount to top-up and choose ”Submit”.
  • Success: the airtime will instantly be credited to your Airtel credit account balance.

How to recharge Airtele line online

Airtel line (SIM card) can also be recharged with airtime or data without dialing any USSD code. What must be required is the telephone number of the SIM card that you want to recharge airtime to.

To continue, please read the following procedures:

  1. Visit Airtel website at
  2. Log in with either your number or your username and password
  3. Click on the Payment and Recharges on the left side navigation bar
  4. Click on the Prepaid Recharge option
  5. Now enter your mobile number and select your operator
  6. Select from the list of plans and presented them to you
  7. Enter the recharge amount and click Continue

Code to check Airtel data and airtime balance

After recharging airtime or data to your Airtel SIM card, you may want to check your remaining balance if you have used it for some times. To check Airtel balance, be it airtime or data, please learn from the table below:

FunctionUSSD code
Check Airtel airtime *123#
Check Airtel data*140#
Check Airtel airtime bonus*123# or *221*5#


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