Best Art courses

By studying best course, you will must do something best for yourself and people who are living around you. Now, in this article, I will show you all Art courses which you should study in 2021.

The following are the best Art courses, their explanation, your Requirements to study any one of them which you like and lots more step-by-step.

In one of the articles on this website, there is an article which has explained best engineering courses which student should study and today I have come here to show best art courses.

If you want to study any course which is related to Art, in this article, you’ll read everything and importantly we’ll also show you how you can gain admission into your dream institution.

In Nigeria, if you are wanting to study an Art course, my advice to you is continue going ahead because I have been living with many different Art students and their life is interesting.

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In life, following what others are doing rewards very much, similarly, studying the course which many people are studying will definitely reward you.

List Of Top Best Art Courses To Study In 2021

Below are the list of best courses under Art department which you can pick one from and study in 2021.

Wait! What Art course do you like to study and how can you gain admission in the institution of your choice? Keep reading this article as I will explain everything step-by-step.

#1 Law


Law is the number one best courses in Art department in 2021. As a Law graduate, employment will not be your major problem.

To gain an admission to study Law in your dream university, you must gain it through Jamb and the important subjects you should read very much are:

  • English Language (use of English)
  • Economics
  • Literature In English and
  • Civic Education or Government.

For anything you want to be or do in life, you should be skilled in an ideal environment, thus, it is matter to study Law in the university that matters.

If you want to study Law in order to become a Lawyer or Barrister who will be working in court, then choose any of the universities to study in:

  • University of Ibadan
  • University of Jos
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University
  • Obafemi Awolowo University, etc.

Please note that Law cannot be studied in the Polytechnic or College of Education but in University only.

#2 Mass Communication

Mass Communication student

Mass Communication is also one of the best Art courses which I can recommend someone to study.

The student who studied Mass Communication in school will be likely work in television station or radio station broadcast.

Being a proudly Mass Communication student, fluency in speaking an English Language should not be your problem.

Presently, biggest companies in Nigeria are looking for the best learned and talented Mass Communication graduate. For example, if you have a little knowledge about computer while you studied Mass Communication, you can be easily get employed by some network providers in Nigeria.

Best universities in which you should study Mass Communication in Nigeria are:

If you’re planning to study Mass Communication, you should be serious to study core Art subjects very much. English Language, Government, History, Literature In English are the subjects you should focus more ever.

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#3 French

French Language

In this time or century, people do things internationally. Ranging from education, relationship, business partnership, and lots more, people don’t do it with people they know physically.

Now, by studying French or any international language is an added advantage to the student. According to statistics, person is very glad if the person who he/she partners with understands his/her language.

School or faculty of Language is a broad field in Art department. As a matter of fact, any language can be studied in school provided that you have gotten the requirements.

For example, you can study Chinese or Spanish while schooling in Nigeria. The eligibility to study a language is simple in Nigeria in 2021 and an admission must be offered through jamb.

University of Ilorin is one of the best federal universities I am recommending you to study any language in. Do you want to study French as it’s now a hot cake Art course?

To study French Language in Nigeria, these four subjects are the one that are compulsory for you to pass in Waec and Jamb examination:

  • English Language
  • Economics
  • Religious (Islamic or Christian) studies
  • French

#4 International Relations

International Relations is one of the Arts courses. Any student who learn it must be skilled every relationship about internation.

If you are living in United States, there is possibility for you to do business or partnership with other person(s) in another country like Germany or Italy.

A students who studied International Relations are the only people who will be responsible for the internationally development of the company in which they are employed in.

International Relations is an Art course. You can study it in Nigeria and the subjects you must score very excellent in jamb examination are English Language, Marketing, Civic Education or Government.

International Relations can be fully studied in Abubakar Tafawa Balewa university, Bauchi and get a degree certificate after the completion of your study.

Every desiring student of International Relations is allowed to spend a minimum of three years in the university. That is, International Relations is the best and simplest Art course for Art students.

#5 English Language

In everything that a person is doing, Language is the King of his/her doing, did you know?

I can know that if my English is not cool, you would have not read this article up to this point, right? So, this has proven that English Language is the best Art course.

As a student who learned English Language very well in school and got its certificate in hand, he/she will be hard to find job impossible.

A graduate who studied English Language in an approved institution can be employed as a lecturer or in a radio station like radio Nigeria.

There are a lot of radio stations in Nigeria, owing to this, employment will not scarce any body who read English Language professionally.

If have passion for being a professional English Language student or speaker, I highly recommend you to study it in University of Ibadan or university of Ilorin.

The requirement to meet for studying English Language in Nigeria is just minimum of 5 credits in o level examination with Art subjects included.

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#6 Philosophy


In the time when you haven’t read this article, how did you classify Philosophy? Did you think that it’s a pure science course?

Philosophy is absolutely an Art course and it’s one of the best presently. As a graduate of Philosophy, your brain will be widened to receive new things to use to help yourself.

Have you ever asked; what is Philosophy and how does it important for a person to study?

Educationally, Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. Any person who has studied Philosophy, his/her name is Philosopher.

Philosophy student learn the fundamental nature of existence, for example will the world end? Or why devil can make person to misdo.

Philosophers believe that if a person is experiencing poverty, he/she was the one who has caused it for him/herself.

Endless argument, revelation of what that should not be disclosed publicly, disagreeing that there is no God and creator, disbelieving that there’s no hellfire and heaven are the characteristics of some Philosophy students.

Philosophy is the best and funniest Art course, and if you want to study it in Nigeria, be prepared to learn English Language, History, Economics, Literature In English, etc very much. As a graduate of Philosophy, you can do politics.

#7 Theatre Art

Theatre artist

Without watching TV, a sorrowness of some people may not end. Theater Art students are the only students who put smile on the face of people.

Every compound can have more than three television, thus people buy movies in order to keep them engaged. Students who act film are the students who studied Theatre Art.

If you study Theatre Art, you will be hardly found financially unstable because even though you are not doing white collar job, you can provide for yourself.

There are many people who have successeded in doing videos and this can ensure you that learning how to record video to solve people’s problem will not be a wasting of time.

Theater Art is one of the best Art courses and it’s less difficult to study but rewarding and lucrative if it’s been studied with focus.

#8 Estate Management

Estate manager

Another best Art course which you should study in Nigeria is Estate Management.

Estate Management is the study of taking care of properties, how to build property, etc.

By managing other people’s properties, you will be rewarded, that is the meaning of estate management.

You can be employed by the Government or an individuals in order to work with them in Nigeria or abroad. The matter of fact is that it depends on how exposure you are.

Studying Estate Management in Nigeria is very easy to gain an admission of it in any tertiary institution you want. Meanwhile, study an English Language more seriously.

Then, understand Marketing, History, Technica drawing, etc alot. Please note also that an admission must be given by Jamb.

#9 Music

Musical instruments for learning

Music is one of the best skills in Nigeria now. If you can produce music, whether you are skilled in it or not, your listeners don’t care to know, thus, you will be making money.

What if a person read everything about Music from prestigious institution, how can other musicians compete with him/her?

If you’re an Art student, I personally advice you to choose Music if you have not chosen any course yet.

Do you want to blow (become known by many people within the short time) immediately you graduate as a Music student?

Choose university of Lagos to study in! By studying Music in Unilag, you will be known by many people even while you are not being graduated yet.

Music is a competitive course as every body are desiring to study it. As a result of its competitiveness, you should have a best educational performance to enable you stand a chance.

If you want to study music in Nigeria, 200 plus points in jamb examination is what you should score in order to gain admission into university of Lagos without bribing.

#10 Drawing and Sketching

Art students are drawing in the classroom

Have you ever looked at the junction or house where awesome drawing are being made on the wall of a building?

A very skilled person in drawing and sketching is the person who many people like to draw what they want for them.

Drawing and Sketching or Crafting students can draw anything you want, or draw it from their mind and it’ll be found best to you.

Drawing is completely an Art course and the subjects which should be studied very hard by any person who wants to study it are:

  • Technical Drawing
  • Literature In English
  • Economics
  • Agricultural Science
  • English Language
  • Economics, etc.

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#11 Civic Education

Keyholder with Civic tag Civic which is designed by Art student

Civic Education is an inform of Government. By studying it, you will know your fundamental right as a citizen of a nation.

In an understanding way, Civic Education is a type of education given to a person in order to make him/her to become a responsible citizen of a country.

Accordingly to Adulf Hitler, when a person doesn’t know his/her right, he/she will be disgraced by an unrighteous person(s).

Civic Education is an Art course and any body who study it will know what is right and what is unright to do in a society.

According to the students who study Civic Education, they say that person should not do something to another person with what he/she doesn’t like some body to do him/her.

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#12 Religious Studies

Quran is at in front of Art student

Another best Art course which person can study in Nigeria is religion. There are three (3) different notable religions in Nigeria and they’re:

Meanwhile, it’s only two religions out of the three religions which I have listed above that can be studied in school in Nigeria and they’re Islamic and Christan religion.

That is to say that Traditional religion cannot be studied in school. Importantly, History is its replacement.

By studying religion as an Art student, you will be taught by professional teachers who will make sure that before you complete your education, your belief in God must be increased so that you will can teach other people.

You will become an Ustaz immediately you complete an undergraduate study (degree) if you study in Federal College of Education Zaria.

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#13 Fine and Applied Arts

Fine and Applied Arts

Fine and Applied Arts is one of the best Art courses in Nigeria in 2021. Below are the requirements to study it:

  • To study Fine and Applied Arts, it doesn’t mean that you must be fine or beautiful or handsome but the passion to draw things accordingly.
  • You should be good at drawing and pass in it in any examination
  • Jamb subject combination for studying Fine and Applied Arts are; English Language, Economics, Civic Education, Marketing or Geography.

Fine and Applied Arts can be enjoying if you study it in any polytechnic in Nigeria because you will be taught by high professional lecturer who will teach you both ins and outs of it.

Studying skill related course like Fine and Applied Arts, student should study it in polytechnic in order to acquire practical knowledge. I always recommend students to learn practical because without practical, they will may not survive.

Now, I can see some students who studied Electronics Engineering while they cannot fix even the socket in their room as a result of not learning with practical when they were in school.

In conclusion, Fine and Applied Arts is an Art course which is concerned about painting an objects. If you study it, you will know how to paint car, plate, etc. It’s one of the best and lucrative Art courses in Nigeria in this year.

#14 Political Science

Political Science as an Art course

To become a politician is a goal of every citizen in Nigeria presently. Consequently, most of our politicians didn’t study how to rule politically and that is why there’s corruption.

If you like to do politics, then study it scientifically. Happily, one of the best Art courses is called Political Science and it can be studied in any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

It should be noted that being a politician after you have graduated from the school is not fully assured. What can make you become a politician is your dedication and popularity.

For example, what course did the current president of your country study before he was being given a presidential position? He may studied non political related course but today he’s a president.

It’s very recommended to study political science in Polytechnic. If you have a person to sponsor you, you may find an admission of university so that you would be granted the degree certificate immediately you graduate.


If you know that this article has helped you know the list of fourteen (14) best Art courses which you can study in Nigeria in this year, then share it with others.

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