Cheapest 9mobile data plans and their subscription code

9mobile, as it is fondly called, was also formerly known as Etisalat. It is one of the top rated best network providers in Nigeria. In today’s article, I will discuss with you all cheapest data plans of 9mobile network with the step by step guides on how to buy.

When it comes to choose the network that has a very friendly data plans for buying especially in the hard time like this period, we firstly recommend 9mobile because their many cheapest and affordable data plans.

We will discuss how to; buy 9mobile 1gb with N200, show with you 9mobile data promo, how to buy data on 9mobile in 2022 step by step, all 9mobile data plans for this year, 9mobile weekly data plan and how to buy, USSD code to subscribe for 9mobile data plan, 9mobile monthly data plan, code for 9mobile data plan code for N500, etc.

How to buy data plan on 9mobile very fast

Without getting data bundle on your 9mobile SIM card, you can’t browse. That is, if you want to browse, then you must buy data plan.

You asked for the fastest ways to buy 9mobile data plan? If yes, then follow the step by step instructions below:

  • Simply insert your 9mobile SIM card in a phone
  • Wait for the network bar to appear and dial *229# on your phone dialer app.
  • From the menu that will be shown, reply promptly by choosing the corresponding option according to your needs.
  • Finally, buy any data plan of your choice.

Meanwhile, to check your 9mobile data plan balance, just simply send “info” to 228 or dial *228# via your 9mobile SIM card.

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Top cheapest 9mobile data plans in 2022

Top cheapest 9mobile data plans

9mobile as one of very biggest network providers in 2022, it has many different data plans which must satisfy any type of customer. It has cheapest data plans range from daily data plan, weekly data plan, monthly data plan to yearly data plan.

If you want to buy 9mobile data plan with 500 Naira, then there is a special code you can use. You can also buy 9mobile 1GB data plan at N200 and use it for a very long time. Interestingly, 9mobile gives promo to any of the eligible customers when they buy their data plan from N500 and above.

Now, let’s start discussing 9mobile data plans available in 2022 one by one!!

Daily plan

  • 25MB at N50 valid for 1 day | dial *229*3*8# to buy
  • 100MB at N100 valid for 1 day | dial *229*3*1# to buy
  • 250MB at N200 valid for 7 days | dial *229*2*10# or send AND11 to 229
  • 650MB at N200 valid for 1 day | dial *229*3*2# to buy
  • 100MB at N100 valid for 1 day | dial *229*3*1# to buy
  • N300 for 1GB and Social data bundle as promo | dial *229*3*3# to buy
  • N1, 500 for 7GB and Social data bundle as promo valid for 7 days | buy it by dialing *229*2*2#
  • N500 for 2GB and Social data bundle as promo valid for 3 days | dial *229*3*4# to buy
  • N500 for 1GB and Social data bundle as promo valid for 7 days | dial *229*2*1# to buy

Monthly plan

9mobile monthly data plans with their respective data volume, price validity and USSD code to buy are discussed in the list below:

  1. 75GB|N15, 000|valid for 30 days| dial *229*2*4# to buy
  2. 40GB|N10, 000|valid for 30 days| dial *229*4*1# to buy
  3. 11GB|N4, 000|valid for 30 days| dial *229*2*36# to buy
  4. 15GB|N5, 000|valid for 30 days| dial *229*2*37# to buy
  5. 4.5GB|N2, 000|valid for 30 days| dial *229*2*8# to buy
  6. 3GB|N1, 500|valid for 30 days| dial *229*2*3# to buy
  7. 2GB|N1, 200|valid for 30 days| dial *229*2*25# to buy
  8. 1.5GB|N1, 000|valid for 30 days| dial *229*2*7# to buy
  9. 500MB|N500|valid for 30 days| dial *229*2*12# to buy

Yearly data plan

  • 75GB|N25, 000|valid for 3 months| dial *229*5*1# to buy
  • 165GB|N50, 000|valid for 6 months| dial *229*5*2# to buy
  • 365GB|N100, 000|valid for 12 months| dial *229*5*3# to buy

Night and weekend data plan

  • 1GB|N200|valid for 1 day (11pm – 5pm)| dial *229*3*11# to buy
  • 3GB|N1, 000|valid for 30 days (7:59pm – 6:59am)| dial *229*3*12# to buy
  • 7GB|N2, 000|valid for 30 days only on Saturday and Sunday (7:59pm – 6:59am)| dial *229*3*13 to buy.

9mobile data promo code in 2022

The 9mobile data promo in 2022 and how or code to dial to enjoy it are:

Weekend data festival

To enjoy this 9mobile promo, simply buy the 650MB data plan @N200 up to 5 times in a week and get 3.25GB bonus data to use on Saturday and Sunday (weekend).

Upfront bonus

You can get up to 50% 9mobile data promo (bonus) when you buy a higher data plan on your next data purchase within the validity of your existing monthly data plan.

Social promo

Get free access to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc., with 9mobile social data plan. To buy, just dial *229*3# and follow the prompts.

Most interestingly, you can purchase 25MB & 50MB data bundle directly on Facebook app & web.

More about 9mobile data plans

Headquarter addressPlot 19, Zone L, Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos
Phone number08090000200
Email address[email protected]
USSD code for buying data*229#
Code to check data balanceText “info” to 228 or dial *228#
Airtime checking code*232#
Airtime recharging code*222*PIN#


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