Airtel router data plans and their subscription USSD code

Have you got a pocket MiFi router of Airtel network that can be used to share network connection between two or more devices? If yes, then it is good to know top best router data plans of Airtel network and their subscription code. Through this article, this is what we are going to discuss.

Airtel MiFi is a portable, battery-powered wireless device that taps into 3G, 4G or 5G mobile phone networks to create a mini broadband hotspot. Its signal can be shared between multiple internet-enabled devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets which are located within its range. It can connect up to 32 different devices at a time.

Note: please don’t be confused, MiFi is also known as router.

Now, let’s start!!

Airtel router (MiFi) data plans are the type of data plans designed by Airtel mobile limited to help its customers who predominantly use router to browse. Airtel router data plans help the people who have many internet-enabled devices. It prevents them from not subscribing for data plan for each one of their devices.

Airtel router data plan

Before you can use Airtel MiFi or router, you must first subscribe for Airtel MiFi/router data plan on your SIM card, insert it on MiFi device, open it, open the WiFi of the device that you want to connect with, enter your MiFi’s password and finally you can start browsing the internet. Note if the router data plan that you purchased is exhausted or its expiration period has passed, then you have to do another subscription.

Airtel MiFi can allow you to surf the internet on 3G, 4G or even 5G. With the Airtel router device, you can connect your devices and that of your colleaques or business partners while doing anything on the internet. Conclusively, Airtel router device is used as a wireless modem when the Wi-Fi of a device is enabled.

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Airtel router bundles are a data plans designed specifically for routers to deliver superfast internet experience on 4G network in locations that have 4G coverage.

The tables below will show with you the list of all Airtel router data plans, their validity, price, data allowance gotten and how you can subscribe for them.

Artel MiFi/router data plan and their subscription code are:

PriceData GottenExpiring PeriodUSSD
N100,0001TB1 year*370#

Airtel MiFi data plans and how to recharge

The recharging or subscription code of all Airtel MiFi or router data plans are shown in the table below with their plan name, price, data volume and validity period.

Airetl MiFi Unlimited Ultra

The Airtel MiFi unlimited ultra data plans are a data plans designed by Airtel for its subscribers who use MiFi device to browse. The amount to subscribe for Airtel MiFi unlimited ultra data plan ranges from 5, 000 Naira to 60, 000 Naira. The subscription code for any of them is simply dial *370# via any Airtel’s SIM card and follow the prompts.

Plan Name (Ultra)Price in NairaData VolumeValidity Days
Lite₦5,00030GB + 1GB daily upon exhausting main bundle7days
Standard₦15,000120GB + 5GB daily upon exhausting main bundle30days
Standard₦20,000200GB + 10GB daily upon exhausting main bundle30days
Diamond₦30,000300GB + 10GB daily upon exhausting main bundle30days
Platinum₦60,000550GB + 10GB daily upon exhausting main bundle30days

Airtel MiFi Router Booster

Airtel MiFi Router Booster data plans are an Airtel data plans specially designed for router. It can be subscribed with as low as 1, 000 Naira. The price, data volume you will get and validity period of all Airtel MiFi Router Booster data plans are:

Price in Naira (₦)DataValidity Days
₦1,0002GB1 month
₦2,0006GB1 month
₦3,00010GB1 month

Airtel MiFi Ultra Plans

The Airtel Ultra data Plans for MiFi can be subscribed on SIM card purposely to browse with Airtel router device. It is classified into two main parts; Ultra 10, 000 Naira and Ultra 15, 000 Naira. To subscribe for any of them, just simply dial *370# on your smartphone and follow the prompts or visit

PriceDataValidity Days
₦10,00040GB + 250MB daily upon exhausting main bundle30days
₦15,00075GB + 500MB daily upon exhausting main bundle30days

How to check Airtel MiFi data balance

It is very, very ideal to keep checking data balance of your Airtel MiFi data plan to ensure you will not be disappointed at the time of its exhaustion. You can check it daily or hourly.

To check your Airtel MiFi data balance, please follow the steps below carefully:

  • On your favorite website and browser, visit Airtel’s website at
  • Login by typing your Mobile Number and password then click “ENTER”. Please if you have never created an account before, click here and register first.
  • After successfully logging in, the Home Page will display your current total data bundles, used bundles and expiry date on all subscribed bundles.

Don’t have Airtel MiFi? You can buy one from any Airtel Shop nation wide or order it online, for example, Jumia or Konga.

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How to check Airtel MiFi number

Airtel MiFi device uses SIM card to function normally. Are you looking for how to check your Airtel MiFi number? Please follow the guides below:

  • Visit Airtel website at
  • Enter your mobile number
  • A 6-digit one-time-password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile number.
  • Now, click on ”Login” tab to log in to your router account. There, you will see the telephone number which your MiFi is represented and some other important details.

Alternatively, open the phone dialer app on your mobile phone and dial the USSD code: *282# then click on the call button. After doing that, shortly, Airtel network will send you message notifying you your MiFi mobile number.

Price of Airtel Router device on Jumia

Jumia is the #1 online shopping site established in Nigeria in 2012 but presently headquartered in Berlin, Germany. They are an online store where you can purchase all your electronics, gadgets, as well as books, home appliances, etc.

The price of Airtel router device on Jumia ranges from 10, 000 Naira to 50, 000 Naira. Their shipment is fast. You can order from them online using your phone or PC. For more information about their price and how to order, please visit

Airtel router login page

To use Airtel router successfully and have a full control over the function of your MiFi device and their data plan subscription histories, you have to visit Airtel router login page regularly and login your account.

Airtel router login page is After clicking and visiting that page, enter your phone number and password and finally click on ”Login”.


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